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The thrill and the relaxation of golf in Israel

Posted by Gil Travel on Nov 29, 2008 11:45:27 PM

Israel golf

Like other accountants, lawyers and high-tech workers in the country, now visitors and business travelers are following the leads of their counterparts in Australia, North America, Europe and Japan, and are experiencing of one of the most popular games in the world - the thrill and the relaxation of golf in Israel.  Golf is still a relatively new sport in Israel and 2 Golf courses are operating and more are planned, both to meet growing demand within the country and in the the attempt to promote the requirements of quality tourism. In the business arena especially, more and more Israelis are learning that golf is a vital element of the moneymaking game.  Understanding that golf, when played right, can be a legitimate sales tool and that the golf course is the new conference room for trade, the Caesarea club launched its program for Israelis who work with companies overseas.
The Caesarea Development Corporation, which owns the Golf Club, decided to upgrade the golf course and make it one that meets the highest international standards.  The plans of renowned golf course architect Pete Dye, who is considered a world legend in the field, includes the redesign and reconstruction of fairways.  Construction began in August 2007 and is expected to end in December 2008. With the opening of the golf course, golfers can prepare for the 18th Maccabi Games that will take place in Caesarea in July 2009.  During the reconstruction, the Club operates a temporary standard 3 nine-hole golf course that was built to allow golfers to continue playing and practicing, thereby maintaining their playing ability. All other club services operate in the club: practice course, the pro shop, the restaurant, course program, organization days and group days, and Golf Academy for children and teens.

This week in the news, the ground staff at Ga'ash Golf Club prepared a magnificently manicured course with beautiful fairways and greens throughout in preparation for the Israel Amateur Championships.  The story of the day was a magnificent round of golf all-around by 2005 Maccabi Gold Medalist, Andy Nemiroff, who completed his round in 65 strokes. Nemiroff set a new official course record for the Ga'ash Golf Course and unbelievably achieved it in difficult windy conditions. The round was even more impressive as it took almost six hours to finish and Nemiroff needed tremendous concentration to maintain his hot run.

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