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History in the Making

Posted by Rebecca Stern on December 1, 2020

Last month Gil Travel hosted a program called "Kosherati – A Kosher Spin on Gulf Food" with Dr. Elli Kriel, who started the first kosher kitchen in the UAE and the Gulf region. Before she ‘got down and dirty’ on teaching the virtual group on how to make her unique challah based on an emirate bread recipe including saffron, cardamom and, of course, dates, Elli talked about her experience of being a Jewish woman, and a Jewish mother, in Dubai. Her business venture, Elli’s Kosher Kitchen, was a result of her own kosher lifestyle that she and her family maintain, even in Dubai. Elli described Dubai as an International community – even the Jewish community is made up of ex-patriates from all over the world. There isn’t an indigenous Emirate Jewish community. Up until the Abraham Accords, with the normalization of relations with Israel, the members of the Jewish community were not necessarily comfortable about displaying their Jewish identity –   they weren’t always sure how open they could be with their peers or colleagues or what response they would receive from their emirate acquaintances once their identity was made public. What I learned from Elli – is that today post Abraham Accords – in addition to 28 direct flights to Israel weekly, visa entry to Israeli’s and Americans upon entry into the UAE, to Kosher kitchens being created in many of the luxury hotels, to integrative business prospects, potential collaborative ventures in medicine, agronomy, water and perhaps even defense - being Jewish in the UAE 2020 is an altogether different experience. One of openness, opportunity and freedom in one’s Jewish Identity; allowing the Jewish community to ‘come out’ and begin to assess its needs, develop goals and create strategy and planning to develop a strong future in this part of the world.

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Two Men Walk Into a Dubai

Posted by Rebecca Stern on October 14, 2020

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Dig Into History With VFI Plus Archaeology

Posted by Ellen Warren on September 10, 2020


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Volunteering for a cause!

Posted by Ilana Blumental on August 17, 2020

You COULD just write a check. You COULD just attend an IDF-themed gala. OR you could pack your bags, fly to Israel, and work arm-in-arm with Israeli soldiers. Sweat with them, laugh with them, support their work with yours, tell them why you are there, and show them that you are also all-in in supporting the State of Israel. And when they look at you and ask, “You paid to be here? You paid to come and help?” you can smile and say “yes.”

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A unique Cycling Mission in Hungary

Posted by Gil Travel on April 7, 2020

JDC On Wheels to Hungary and Romania, June 2019

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Gil Travel Group Travel Insurance

Posted by Gil Travel on April 3, 2020

In the last month, travel insurance companies are inundated with claims having to do with ramifications of Covid-19 – whether it be a cancelled flight, closed borders, fear of endangering health and fear of the unknown. Since this is an unprecedented situation, the rules and regulations of the insurance companies have become fluid and are adjusting in their favor given the circumstances.

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A Memorable Druze Experience

Posted by Gil Travel on March 31, 2020

The Druze are a minority group in Israel with a rich culture, history and culinary repertoire .  We’ll tell you more about the history, culture, villages, and amazing food so that we can meet these people and get to know their story through this written ‘journey’ across Israel.

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A Mission destination that hasn’t been done before

Posted by Gil Travel on March 30, 2020

Delight your members with a Women’s mission to Amsterdam

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Easter in Israel

Posted by Gil Travel on March 24, 2020

For numerous Christian pilgrims across the globe, there is no better place on the entire planet to observe Easter than Israel. Thousands of believers walk the footsteps of Jesus, relive his last days, and join together to remember his resurrection in this country, particularly in one of its most special cities – Jerusalem. What’s more, at the same time Christians celebrate Holy Week, Jews celebrate Passover, so this is a very exciting and special time for countless people who live and who come here. 

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Fine Dining in Budapest

Posted by Gil Travel on March 23, 2020

Budapest. The city of many wonders. One of the things it’s been known for is the delicious and hearty traditional cuisine.  In recent years it has also become more popular for its fine dining. There are many particularly interesting fusion, local-meet-international, experimental, themed, Michelin-starred, and numerous other types of restaurants, with talented chefs creating wonderful dishes for the locals and visitors alike. These meals are not only pretty to look at, but are absolutely delicious. Let’s check out some of the places that serve these mouthwatering foods.

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