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Shopping Israeli Style. Big Bargains can be a Lot of Fun!

Posted by Iris Hami on Mar 21, 2013 2:14:07 PM

Jaffa Flea Market, Tel Aviv  

 Who doesn’t enjoy a great Flea Market? I certainly do and have been to many. I cannot think of one any better, well stocked, or more picturesque than the Jaffa Flea Market. Set among the narrow streets, workshops and storage centers at  the end of the 19th century Arab quarter, the Jaffa Flea Market is a warren of junk, bargains, crafts and just generally wonderful purchases.

 Got a 1950’s Hoover missing a part? Fancy an ornate but useable nargilah or a Hanukiah?  How about hand-made furniture or electrical goods/cameras from dubious sources? The famous Flea Market in Jaffa is the right place for you. Open every day except Saturday and worth getting there early of you want to find a real bargain, this awesome treasure box is stuffed with  second hand clothing, jewelry, antiques, musical instruments, merchandise that makes this fun and funky place a must see for tourists and a great place for locals to shop as well.

 There are numerous stores that offer an exotic flavor known only to the Middle East. How about a hookah with all the accessories? You will find a wide variety of knick knacks that would make great gifts for friends and relatives back home. Who’s to know where they came from?

 The market is really divided in two with the first section true to its Flea Market name. The second contains good antiques and some really very nice pieces.

My favorite part is the haggling/bargaining which I have become very good at over the years. I find that cash in hand works wonders and once to arrive at a reasonable price for an item. Offer the cash you are willing to pay with an outstretched hand. If acceptable, fine but generally when you walk away putting the cash back in your pocket they generally call you back. Try it and get back to us and tell us how it worked for you.

 You will find European Vintage Clothing which is simply exquisite and when the market begins to feel too much like “work” a variety of trendy restaurants, cafés and art galleries are close at hand.

One final tip: Tradition has it that you can get the best buys early on Sunday morning. If you are the first customer on the first day of the week, the seller hopes that a quick sale will bring him/her luck for the rest of the week. Just don’t tell them we told you that!

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