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Sarona: Tel Aviv’s Newest Cultural and Lifestyle Center

Posted by Iris Hami on Jul 5, 2014 11:51:24 AM

Sarona: Tel Aviv’s Newest Cultural and Lifestyle Center

tel aviv city panorama metropolisTel Aviv Panorama  (By Ynhockey [CC BY-SA 3.0], via wikimedia commons)

Are you a traveler who loves to explore new places? We’re not just talking about areas that are new to you. No. We also mean areas that are newly discovered and developed.  If this sounds like you, then you may enjoy a trip to Tel Aviv’s newest attraction – the lifestyle center called the Sarona Complex.

A Historical Site

Located northeast of Jaffa, the 47-acre complex is one steeped in history. The area was first settled by a colony of German Templers, a group of German Protestants who were involved with the Lutheran Church but expelled in the mid 1800s due to their beliefs. Eventually, the colony was abandoned, making way for other cultures to take it over.


tel aviv sarona israel old Sarona in the early 1900s
Public domain


The area was occupied by the British from 1917 until 1920; in 1941, the Nazis turned Sarona into a perimeter compound where they housed Germans. When Israel took over the area, the Templer buildings housed the first government buildings and national institutions of cultural significance.

Throughout the years, there have been efforts to preserve the area. For example, in the 1970s, there was a plan to demolish Sarona and rebuild – a group of individuals interested in preservation thwarted that attempt. In the 1990s, Tel Aviv saw The Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites push to maintain and preserve Sarona.  In the past decade though, plans for new development and inclusion of history have prevailed, allowing new development of the area to move forward.

New Development and Change



The complex includes nearly a dozen high rise buildings- for a mix of commercial and residential use, circling hotels, shopping and a convention center. Even more significant is the center of all of that – 33 of the original Templer structures that visitors can explore. The Sarona Complex is a big part of the Tel Aviv of Tomorrow.

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Attractions in Sarona

There’s truly something for everyone – from the history buff to the shopping enthusiast; the music lover to the wine and art connoisseur. Visitors can see 33 Templer houses, shop in high end stores like Tommy Hilfiger and Fred Perry, or even peruse art galleries. Indulge in Israeli wine at Sarona’s Winery Square or enjoy music in the Musical Gardens. For those who seek a spa getaway, the complex is near six different spas.

The stunning complex is an interesting mix of modern life and sites that speak to Tel Aviv’s intriguing history – the Templer colony is 140+ years old. Within the boundaries of Sarona, visitors can explore a not-so-well-known culture and part of Tel Aviv’s history and see where some of the Jewish agricultural endeavors came from.

If you’re planning a trip to Israel, then Tel Aviv can't be missed! While there, you may want to explore a lesser-known area, a hidden gem, if you will, then Sarona is the place for you! History, culture, attractions, shopping, it's a great location to spend an afternoon or a day at leisure.

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