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Moroccan Jewish Heritage Tour Highlights

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on Jan 21, 2015 11:02:39 AM

There’s more to Morocco than a movie made in 1942 – and at Gil Travel, we want you to see all of the best sights. We offer a custom Jewish Heritage tour  to Morocco with two departures, March and November 2015, that will take you to the heart of Morocco's rich history. You’ll see Casablanca, Rabat, Fes (or Fez, but we’re not talking about the hat here). During our heritage tour, you’ll trace the history of the Jewish people in the Northern African nation of Morocco and visit synagogues, historic cemeteries and other locations that will bring history to life. We’ll spend time exploring multiple cities and their Moroccan Jewish heritage.

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Morocco’s second largest city is perhaps its most famous of locations, and there’s much more to do than many travelers realize. For example, visitors who want to see sites of cultural importance cannot miss the Hassan II Mosque, which was dedicated on Aug. 30, 1993 and is still one of the largest in the world.[/su_box]

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During the tour, we’ll stop in Rabat – Morocco’s bustling capital city. Beyond its walls is a second walled city, known as the Chellah, where historians believe that the Jewish people lived at the time of the Phoenicians. Also in the capital city, visitors can visit the Mausoleum of King Mohammed V. There are two beautiful synagogues in Rabat, and a historic Jewish cemetery. The Kasbah des Oudaias is another historic site, where pedestrians can explore, enjoy mint tea or watch the individuals on the beach.[/su_box]

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In the northeast of Morocco is the Jewish city of Fes (sometimes spelled Fez). The city has a long history, dating back to its founding in the eighth century – and through the years, the Jewish population has both surged and dwindled. The city is home to two medinas, the larger of which is called Fes el Bali, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.[/su_box]

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A former capital of Morocco, Marrakesh has a complicated past when it comes to individuals of the Jewish faith, much like other areas of the country. The city was founded in the 11th century and in the 12th century Jewish individuals were barred from the city or made to leave if they had settled there previously. Over the next two centuries, the Jewish people were allowed to return, but were forced into a specific area known as the Jewish quarter. Our trip will explore the complicated history of the area and visit the Jewish Quarter and other sights – museums, historic cemeteries and of course, the medinas.[/su_box]

At Gil Travel, we want you to enjoy your trip and not worry about a thing. Our customized, 11-night tour will take you all around the North African country. We’ll arrange for transportation, accommodations and pay all applicable fees and taxes as part of your tour fees. We also arrange for English-speaking guides and drivers. If you’re interested in taking what could be the trip of a lifetime, contact us today at Gil Travel to arrange your place in this Jewish Heritage Tour of Morocco.

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