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Israel, a Country Unlike Any Other

Posted by Iris Hami on Aug 16, 2014 11:40:47 AM

Israel, a Small but Outstanding Country

jerusalem (2)Israel is a small, but magnificent country. It's full of life, history, energy and spirituality; Israel is the perfect destination for a meaningful once in a lifetime experience. It’s a fun, exciting, constantly changing place with a rich history dating back thousands of years. It is hard not to feel a connection to such a powerful place.

There is no place in the world like Israel. Everything within, the new and the old, the religious and the secular, the traditional and the modern, the city and the desert, are all seamlessly connected, unmatched in the history, culture, and traditions it offers to its people and visitors.

The food is a delectable melange, inspired by cuisine from all around the world. There are numerous of fun activities depending on what kind of adventure you seek in your Israel experience. Why choose between hiking the National Israel Trail, or swimming in the Banias Waterfall? Why debate between a picnic overlooking the Sea of Galilee where many believe that Jesus walked on water or exploring the ruins of the largest Crusader Castle in the Middle East? Why not eat your weight in hummus and freshly baked pitain the walled city of Acre that Napoleon Bonaparte was unable to conquer, follow the path that Jesus walked centuries ago in Jerusalem, play with dolphins in Eilat? You can do all of that and much more in Israel, limited only by the time you have to explore this complex country.

Should you want a fun, party experience; a religious awakening; a step back in time; an adventure; Israel is the location for you to go visit.

From placing prayers and wishes into the Western Wall to visiting the popular outdoor markets and sampling exotic fresh fruits, to climbing to the top of Massada to floating on the Dead Sea, the lowest place on Earth, to relaxing by the beach and strolling through Bauhaus architecture - Israel is the perfect place to go to feed your heart, mind, body, and soul. Israel has something for everyone and there are thousands of reasons to go visit.

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