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Family Bonding Benefits Offered by Jewish Heritage Family Tours

Posted by Iris Hami on Dec 18, 2013 2:21:22 PM


Family Bonding Benefits Offered by Jewish Heritage Family Tours

As parents, we do our best to show our children the world, educate them and create experiences they won’t forget.  Any family vacation is a bonding opportunity.  But giving your children the opportunity to see a city in a different way, learn about their roots first hand on a Jewish heritage family tour and connecting as a family through this experience is nothing short of truly special. What will such a unique opportunity offer?

A History Lesson Outside of the Classroom Whether Sephardi or Ashkenazi, Jews have been an integral part of world history for centuries.  On your Jewish heritage family tour, visit museums and stroll the streets of Jewish quarters to walk in the footsteps of your ancestors and the community they lived in.  Learn from your knowledgeable guide and you can be sure that your children will remember this important history lesson.

Connect to your Ancestry Generations before you paved the path you now walk on. Bond with them as you visit your grandparents' hometown, see how they lived and tour the land that was home to the family members who came before you.  From the oldest patriarch to the youngest member of your family, share experiences on a Jewish heritage family tour that builds your pride as a member of your Jewish family.

Learn about your Traditions and Culture Some of you may celebrate your Jewish culture and religion during traditional celebrations throughout the year. Tour the land where many of these laws and traditions originated and teach your kids about the importance of maintaining them. Perhaps participate in a local Shabbat prayer or connect with the local Jewish community.

Have fun bonding with your kids and teach them an important Jewish Heritage lesson while you’re at it! As you talk, laugh and enjoy your tour, you'll have fun making memories and enjoying your time together as a family.  Showing your kids the world is always a memorable and enriching experience.  But, nothing can replace the power of learning about where you come from as a family.  Luckily, you can enjoy the best of both worlds.  Learn a lesson while seeing some of the most incredible cities the world has to offer.  And of course, a little shopping and some great local cuisine in between the history lessons will be a most welcome perk to this special trip!

Consider Jewish Heritage Family Tours to Portugal, Spain, India and many more!

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