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Exceptional BOUTIQUE HOTELS in ISRAEL - Special places for Special people!

Posted by Iris Hami on Feb 14, 2013 2:51:31 PM


While at times the 20th Century was all about the biggest and best, the 21st Century is sometimes more about the special and more exclusive. In Israel, I have found that a hot new trend for BOUTIQUE HOTELS is developing and is just getting hotter in 2013! I love these smaller establishments and their exquisite, personal service.  Many times they are located in quiet more out-of-the-way locations and target the more discerning guest; those looking for a different kind of hotel experience in Israel. Generally speaking, my favorite boutique hotels are independent and that translates into one- of- a- kind features that really appeal to me. I adore personal service and a feeling of being a guest in a luxurious private Israeli residence! Elegant, opulent rooms with elaborate furnishings and charming artifacts! Marvelous!

Since most boutique properties are located outside the main tourist hot-spots, they offer the perfect unique feel for a special leisure or business trip. While all of this special care would seem to be expensive, boutique hotels need to compete with large chains and most do manage to keep their prices in line. Naturally some offering great prestige and privacy will be available at that premium price. I personally am willing to pay for privilege but many are surprisingly well priced.

Another interesting trend is special offers for alternative services or catering to specific audiences. There are now boutique hotels serving organic food, providing regular massage and spa treatments in their daily rate along with health treatments and many that welcome pets. On-site restaurants are often superb but may not be Kosher so assumptions to that end should not be made. Any hotel of quality in 2013 will have a website complete with ratings, guest opinions and all the information you need! I simply adore social media as one can now get away with nothing! The days of the lone brochure are over. All of the information you need is available online or by calling your Gil Travel Professional!

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