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The Travel Is Always Greener

Posted by Gil Travel on Mar 6, 2008 1:42:24 PM

If you like living here on planet Earth, and are socially conscious about its future, then ecotourism is for you! Imagine being able to visit a rainforest, not just learning about them on the world news. Imagine gaining personal growth from experiencing the environment you care about. This is green travel. Also called ecotravel, or ecological tourism, people are going places to connect, learn, volunteer, and basically give their time to the earth. It's kind of like an investment in their future and the future of their children.

Enjoy, don't destroy!

The trip itself focuses on an active participation in making a difference in the environment and positive social movements. Even the traveling aspect of the trip strives to be green enough not to make create an ecological impact: such as following the mantra, take only pictures, leave only footprints. So it becomes a point of the whole trip to help make a change in the world, but also a change in the travelers themselves.

Leave only these

It's the giving back that creates such a draw to people, and the opportunities range from a basic scenic experience to a full on involvement with local charities. But in order for a trip to be actually classified with the namesake ecotourism the point is not just to enjoy the environment, but to promote protection of it. What started as a general concept of responsible tourism has now become a driving force, especially in the sense that ecotourism is now a major part of some countries national economy, further assisting them.

Fly, fly away!

Ecotourism has an impact just beyond bringing a higher awareness of helping our planet. The impact allows you to share what you have with others and pass it along. Just remember that the goal is to change the way you live where you are and change the place you visit. If you have the desire to help others or the environment, and would rather participate than just simply go somewhere, then ecotourism is a great way to spend your next trip!

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