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Bible Lands and Reformation Tours

Posted by Iris Hami on Jan 18, 2013 2:29:28 PM

Anna EvanzahavGil Travel is most fortunate to have on board Anna Evanzahav who specializes in Christian Tours to Israel and religious based tours to other parts of the world. Speaking many languages fluently and having lived in Israel, Greece and the United States, Anna has a most thorough understanding people from different parts of the world, their cultural differences and what they are looking for. She is passionate about designing once in a lifetime travel experiences for those yearning to experience Israel and Europe on a very personal and spiritual level. Only a special few can provide as uniquely as Anna can. She has worked with religious leaders, pastors and educators of various denominations from around the globe and her mantra is to make the Bible come alive! She loves to see the spark in their eyes and witness the realization that they are truly seeing things as through the eyes of Jesus. Some time ago Anna set up a cultural exchange program between Israel and Greece and is constantly evolving and perfecting her craft, bridging countries and continents doing what she can to bring the magic of her beloved Israel to as many people as possible. A respected professional, Anna's tours are tailor made to the desires of her guests be they of the clergy or those simply interested in a more private spiritual trip experience. In the Footsteps of Jesus, Journeys of Paul are examples of popular programs and the organization of Reformation Tours to Europe are Anna's specialty. Working exclusively for Gil Travel since 2006, Anna is a scholar and private contractor and can be reached at:

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