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6 Reasons why Cuba Is the hottest destination of the year

Posted by Gil Travel Team on Aug 15, 2017 9:00:00 AM

6 Reasons why Cuba Is the hottest destination of the year header

Destination trends come and go, and right now Cuba is one of the hottest and newest names at the top of the list. From one of the many tropical islands available to travelers, Cuba is now recognized as the "Jewel of the Caribbean". Combined with the unique architecture and culture, this brought flocks of people to this fascinating country, and the numbers continue to grow. So, what makes Cuba the hottest destination of the year?


Do I need to explain? Although Cuba has two seasons, one more humid than the other, it's pretty much sunny all year long. With the sea close by anywhere on the island, the weather is ideal and perfect for holidays.


The cities of Cuba have a unique look that anyone can recognize quickly. Havana, Trinidad and Cienfuegos all have the colonial architecture and houses painted with vivid colors as well as the classic American cars from the fifties give a striking image that is totally unique to Cuba.

Cuban city

Those two elements are also perfect representatives of the melting pot of influences that is Cuba. North American, South American, French, all these cultures left a little bit of themselves on the island and are now incorporated in the incredible Cuban atmosphere.


Cuba's location made it very exclusive for a long time. Today, it's a lot easier to get there, but it still has that exotic aura of mysticism. And, of course, being secret and far away only makes this destination hotter!

Even once in Cuba, traveling around is not always easy and some areas in the far west or east are still very remote. So remote, in fact, that taking tours to Cuba is the usual way of discovering this country today. Isn't this making you curious? Cuba is banking on just that!

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Despite that isolation, Cuba has a lot of history and the political landscape is constantly changing, particularly concerning trade restrictions and relations with the United States.

Of course, what made Cuba famous in our history books is the revolution led by Che Guevara. In Cuba, you'll see that this event is still very present in the hearts of people. History fans will make a point of visiting Santa Clara, where a museum about the Che and a statue of the man keep history very alive!


With its statute of "remote location", Cuba stayed very pure and untouched. Cuba has many secrets and unbelievable landscapes! To name only a few, the valley of Vinales and its funny mogotes, the Yunque mountain and the Alejandro de Humboldt National Park.



Most of all, the people are truly the salt of the earth in Cuba. Cubans are, as a rule, incredibly kind and welcoming. Their culture full of music and dancing is also very much about sharing. It's not something extraordinary for a Cuban to spontaneously offer someone a guitar lesson or salsa introduction! Trading, talking, teaching, sharing, drinking and smoking together. These are all true foundations of the way of life in Cuba. And, likely enough, this is what you'll take away from this one of a kind country!

Cuba might be, indeed, the hottest destination of the year, but my last piece of advice would be to go now. As the number of tourists increases, especially from the nearby United States, the country might lose its unique authenticity and culture with time. Right now, there's nowhere like Cuba, so might as well enjoy it! Have you booked your tour to Cuba yet?

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