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Posted by Iris Hami on Feb 1, 2013 10:03:32 AM

I think that Tel Aviv is an unbelievable city for tourists and for anyone who just loves having fun! I think of it as truly The Big Orange but unlike The Big Apple, also known as New York City; it is brighter with more lights and a more vivacious passion for life! I think it has a much happier, more positive vibe. Unique in so many wonderful ways, Tel Aviv has a warm effusive Israeli temperament and the Middle Eastern climate just makes you feel like enjoying life! Unending entertainments abound and every possible kind of evening fun! Every day of the week from dusk till dawn Tel Aviv is alive with excitement! My favorite style of evening starts with one of the great, romantic restaurants by the sea and my Sweetie and I enjoy cocktails served with the spectacular sunset! After dinner, perhaps a play or concert of which there are many to choose from. No matter where you walk, one finds a varied and awesome selection or entertainment spots. Sometimes we just enjoy a great film at midnight followed by another drink and some dancing! There is nothing more magical than dancing until daybreak and then watching the sunrise over the rooftops of Tel Aviv! The city just never stops!

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