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Yvel Jewelry: A Prestigious Israeli Brand with a Lot of Heart!

Posted by Gil Travel on Oct 24, 2014 10:31:53 AM

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Israeli artists have long swept the globe with gorgeous designs and inspiring style, but few have reached the international prestige of the incredible Yvel Jewelry.

The Yvel Visitors Center which sits on the outskirts of Jerusalem provides insights into the rich history of the brand as well as their factory, showroom, and wine-tasting room. For an Israeli arts fix with an amazing amount of heart motivating their work, look no further than Yvel.

Israeli-born Orna Levy grew up in a Bukharian family of the jewelry business whose store was based out of the King David Hotel. As a young adult, she met her soon-husband Isaac Levy who was an immigrant from Argentina. Together, they decided to begin making and selling pearl necklaces which kicked off the incredible business venture of Yvel Jewelry (their last name spelled backwards!). The real spark behind this brand, though, is the amazing social work they do as part of their mission to bring good to their employees and clients.

Less known about Yvel than their incredible pearl work is their humanitarian efforts. Knowing the challenges of being an immigrant, Isaac and Orna created the Megemeria School of Jewelry and Art. The name Megemeria means Genesis in the Ethiopian language of Amharic. The school offers a learning program to 21 Ethiopian students over the age of 35 each year to learn jewelry design, setting, and manufacture. Additional classes are offered in Hebrew and math, and the school also provides monthly stipends and employment opportunities upon graduation. These are only a few of the incredible things Yvel offers its network of workers and students.

Today, Yvel is an internationally known jewelry design firm and manufacturer with over 100 artisans working behind their incredible creative force. Yvel Jewelry can be found in 650 high-end retail stores around the world. Tours of the Yvel Visitors Center offers travelers an inside look into the work Yvel does, including a film on the Megemeria school, a visit to the showroom, and an incredible wine tasting experience. Support Israeli businesses, and Yvel Jewelry  and their efforts to promote immigrant rights and relocation stability for Israel's Ethiopian population by boosting tourism and taking a trip there!

Gil Travel offers a wide range of touring options and can customize your tour to include a visit to the Yvel Visitors Center just on the outskirts of Jerusalem!

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