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Why NOW is the Best Time to Travel with Us to Cuba

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on Jun 24, 2016 2:40:34 PM

A view of Emilio Bacardi museum in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

After years of forbidden travel, we are excited to offer trips to the exotic and mysterious island of Cuba! This unique area is one of the hottest travel destinations right now, but did you know that in order to travel to Cuba right now, you need to go with a trusted travel agency? If you’re thinking of waiting until the day you and your family can travel there without a travel group, you might want to reevaluate. There are countless reasons to travel there as soon as possible!

Gil Travel wants you to be able to experience this quirky, vintage location, sooner rather than later. By traveling in the near future, you’ll be able to experience Cuba in its most untouched, original state. Pretty soon, this rich location, which has been closed off to America for years, might be industrialized and unrecognizable.

Join us on a small group trip, where we will spend the majority of our time in Havana. Explore the rich history of Old City, indulge in traditional Cuban delicacies, and discover the changing landscape and social structure of this vibrant country. Street musicians P1040786 CUBA (443) You will spend seven days, six nights, and five touring days visiting these iconic traditional sites. Not only will you spend four nights in Havana, but you’ll be spending two nights in the home of a Cuban family in the rural Vinales Valley, one of the most scenic areas of Cuba. It’s a special treat to witness life firsthand with a Cuban family, especially when the experience includes home-cooked meals. Not only will it be a beautiful encapsulation of stunning settings and vivacious culture, but it will be a
completely immersive learning experience as well.

In order to ensure your trip will be as authentic as possible, now is the time to begin traveling there with a reliable group! With an increase in tourist demand, it’s no surprise that the region will be undergoing many changes in the upcoming years. To see it in a pure, pristine state, we encourage travelers to seize this chance to experience the original Cuba before it’s too late!


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