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What Do People Look for When They Join a Kosher Trip?

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on Jul 12, 2016 9:48:41 AM

Ever wanted to travel overseas but were afraid of the lack of Kosher options on your trip? When you’re away on vacation, you want to enjoy your time absorbing the sites, soaking up the sun, and spending your days with the people you’re close with. Your dietary choices are the last thing you want to worry about when you’re delighting in your destination.

Kosher food means that it is prepared, sold, cooked, or eaten in a way that satisfies the requirements of Jewish law. Some of the animals that are allowed to be eaten by Jewish law are turkey, duck, chicken, cow, and ox, whereas anything from a pig is forbidden. Even when eating a cow, there are only certain parts of it that can be eaten and still be Kosher – the brisket, the chuck, the rib, and the shoulder. Additionally, any meat cannot be eaten with dairy products in the meal, even if both items are Kosher.


With all these rules, there’s no question that when people join a Kosher trip, they are looking to feel relaxed about their food. After all, when we’re on vacation, the last thing anyone wants to feel is stressed. On a Kosher trip with Gil Travel, we can assure that all of your food has been supervised by rabbis or will be held at a Kosher restaurant.

For anyone who keeps Kosher, there’s no doubt that it can be difficult to travel and find food that aligns with your practices, especially when the meals are foreign. On a Kosher trip, the food is supervised by rabbis. Every morning, a Kosher supervised breakfast will be delivered to the hotel. Some lunches will be delivered as well. Additionally, many dinners will be held at a Kosher restaurant. When there is any leisure time, we make sure to give directions and information on Kosher restaurants and delicacies in the area.

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