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Traveling and Happiness -- What's the Connection?

Posted by Gil Travel on Oct 14, 2013 1:15:38 PM

The connection between traveling and happiness: Traveling makes you happier!

Me in ThailandI’ve traveled.

And I’ve traveled a lot.

So I know that it’s not something that is so easy to do. It’s a little scary. It’s fairly expensive. You obviously want to do things when you go to wherever you are thinking about going but how do you know what to do? What about the logistics?

Traveling can be hard and even anxiety producing. Until you get there of course. And then wherever you are, you are seeing different things then you are used to--maybe hearing different languages and definitely smelling different smells.  You’ve moved out of your typical space and into another and all of a sudden everything is new.

The anxiety producing part of traveling is not a reason not to travel. Gil Travel exists to make traveling easy for you; to take the hard part away and to make sure that the logistics are taken care of. Make the decision to go and we’ll do everything to make sure that your trip goes as smoothly and is as great as possible.

Me on the Temple Mount in Front of the Dome of the Rock

Traveling is magical in the way that it opens up your world. Traveling literally makes your world a bigger place. And it makes you a bigger person. Traveling also makes you happier. According to LifeScience, “If you're trying to buy happiness, you'd be better off putting your money toward a tropical island get-away than a new computer, a new study suggests.”

The results of the study show that a person’s overall satisfaction with their experiential purchases goes up over time while their overall satisfaction with their material purchases will just continue to decrease. At the time of the material purchase, the purchaser is the happiest they will ever be about the item they bought. With experiential purchases, like all of the products that Gil Travel sells, the initial satisfaction of booking the trip or tour is just the beginning.

As someone who is well traveled, I believe this to be one hundred percent true. I can talk passionately for hours about different experiences that I’ve had while traveling and I can point to specific experiences that I’ve had and illustrate how they’ve been life changing in various ways.

Traveling has made me more patient and more loving. More accepting and more present. Traveling has given me an overwhelming amount of things to appreciate and has shown me very clearly that my way is not always the right way.

If I haven’t convinced you to yet, please watch this video:


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