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An Interview With Gil Travel Co-Founder Iris Hami

Posted by Gil Travel on Apr 24, 2008 2:09:50 PM

Iris & Gil
We are joined here today with Co-Founder Iris Hami. Thanks for joining, us Iris.

1 - What improvements in the travel industry have you seen in the last few years?

The flow of communications has improved tremendously. Also, the ability to find information on the internet, as well as passing information to your clients has improved tremendously.

2 - Where are your favorite places to visit?

My top three are Israel, Argentina, and Italy.

3 - Have the flight check in automatic touch screens helped the lines go down at airports?

Yes definitely, I use them all the time.

4 - What are the most popular destinations for special occasions?

Florida and London are the top two right now.


5 - How important does learning the local language become?
Of course speaking the language at least a little helps you enjoy the destination much more, but we are lucky that today, more and more people speak English.

6 - What are the fastest rising trends in travel nowadays?

Trips with more active components (walking, biking), smaller groups, environmentally safe trips.

7 - Tell us about your guided tours and what people can expect from them.

Our guided tours are comprehensive. We try to use very experienced guides not only for their content knowledge but also for a good match with the client. For example – the worst thing is for a family to go to Israel with their children and the guide being an older person who is not sensitive to kids. Or a couple going to Prague to see their roots and the guide not knowing about the Jewish content sightseeing of Prague.

8 - What have airlines been doing to attract more passengers?

Special airfares, frequent miles tickets, better seating, faster internet check-in, even massages on some airlines.

9 - What is the best thing about Gil Travel, in your opinion?

Our vast knowledge of the client is of supreme importance. Whether it’s a couple, a family, a synagogue or church group or a large convention, our experienced staff is there to assist in all our clients’ needs.


10 - How would you help someone find that perfect vacation?

When a potential client calls our office, we direct them to the destination specialist. If he/she is not sure, we will ask pertinent questions to find his/her interests and then direct them to the appropriate department. Our website, also has so much information and trip ideas. One can certainly get excited about a possible trip or destination by looking at our web site.

11 -What are some of the best ways for travelers to ‘broaden their horizons’?

Take trips to places that are very different from home, either culturally, geographically etc. There are so many options for people to explore. One can find a great trip for almost every interest.

12 - Do you offer safety or travel tips for clients to make the best of their trip?

Yes, our documents always include safety and important travel tips for the particular destination they travel to.

13 - What cultural differences should people be aware of when traveling?

One of the main cultural differences is gastronomy (i.e., in Europe, you will always find a McDonalds, but in Viet Nam, you will not). Another is the foreign language and whether the locals speak English (i.e. - In Israel, almost everyone speaks English but in China, very few do). Another is safety, (i.e. – wearing gold jewelry in Brazil). When travelling to a different country, it is important to have an open mind, try new things, whether it is the food, learn some new words in the new language, try to speak to the locals, ask questions etc.
14 - Does Gil Travel offer pilgrimages as well as standard recreational trips?

Yes, Gil Travel offers the gamut from individual family trips, to small church groups, to large pilgrimages to the Holy Land, such as Benny Hinn Ministries

16 - What do people sometimes forget when traveling to other countries?

To check regarding visas, health and vaccinations, time changes, heights of certain places, cultural customs, etc. That is why we are here.

This was all great information, thanks for spending some time with us, Iris!

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