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Senior Travel in Israel That Will Make You Feel Young

Posted by Gil Travel on November 21, 2022

That summer in the holy land when you worked on a Kibbutz may seem far away, but Israel is a great travel destination at any age. There’s something about the country that makes people feel young, and trips to Israel for seniors are a great way to meet Jewish seniors, to relive the magic of your first time there or to discover the country for the first time. Not only can you revisit areas you’ve seen before, Israel is a vibrant country with new and exciting places to visit, and it just keeps getting better. From wheelchair accessible routes around the city to natural baths, there are options for every senior at any level of activity on tours to Israel

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Dig Into History With VFI Plus Archaeology

Posted by Ellen Warren on September 10, 2020


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5 Must-Visit Museums in Tel Aviv

Posted by Gil Travel on July 17, 2019

Tel Aviv is much more than its famous, gorgeous beaches, vibrant downtown streets, and energetic nightlife – it is a city of art, culture, and some of the best and most unique museums in the world. 

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Posted by Gil Travel on April 11, 2019

Israel warmly welcomes tourists. That means that there is a myriad of hotels to choose from in the country – whether you’d like one located in a contemporary or a historic building – or some of the best luxury and boutique hotels. There is most certainly something for everybody’s taste, and we’ve collected our favorite top-rated hotels in this list. 

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Top Escorted Tour Destinations Worldwide / Israel

Posted by Gil Travel on March 26, 2018

Senior tours are a fantastic way to spend fun, relaxing, and educational time for mature travellers who want to enjoy life and leave the troublesome planning to other people. Escorted tours offer stays at the best hotels and meals at the best of restaurants, as well as visits to castles, palaces, and monuments of great cultural, historical, and religious value. Through this experience, the guests are led by educated and friendly guides.

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Port cities in Israel with the most breathtaking views 

Posted by Gil Travel on March 12, 2018

Most of Israel’s western border is the Mediterranean Sea and is full of port cities highly worth visiting. Throughout the centuries, some cities that were small ports grew into large urban centers with a rich culture. Nowadays, they are popular tourist destinations that offer many unique sites and lots of leisure activities. One great advantage of port cities in Israel is the great food, with plenty of seafood in the great fishermen's restaurants that rely on the Israel port cities. 

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Jewish life in Portugal throughout history and today

Posted by Gil Travel on December 31, 2017

Throughout history, the Jewish people have gone through successful and wealthy periods, but desperate times as well. Until 1496 there had been 150 Jewish communities in Portugal, each one having its own worship places and institutions. But that year brought an end to their communities, forceful conversion to Christianity and expulsion from Portugal. Many religious sites, walls, carvings and gates were destroyed, but Judaism in Portugal didn’t completely vanish; its traces remained in inscriptions, historic markers, place names and local tales.

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Places Seniors Would Enjoy Visiting in Berlin

Posted by Gil Travel on December 15, 2017

This is a time in your life when you can finally visit and explore those places you have only had a chance to dream about and see in pictures. One European city has become a sought after destination for senior tours - Berlin, Germany. While its young population has branded it a hotspot for young travelers, this city offers a lot to its visitors no matter your age. Rich history, plentiful museums, a thriving art scene and wonderful restaurants make it a place you’ll want to visit too.

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Seniors Meet Seniors: How To Go About It

Posted by Gil Travel on October 24, 2017

Meeting new people and making friends as a senior can be a challenge.
You might be a little rusty at it as naturally, you have your social circles established.
Finding ways to expand this network and add something new and fresh into your life requires a bit of courage and some determination.
So how do seniors meet seniors? It’s not a silly question, it’s actually quite common to want to make some new friends or acquaintances that fulfill your needs at this point in your life. Here are four questions answered about how to meet other seniors to give your daily lifestyle a new jolt!

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The Secret Ingredients of the Best Senior Trip Destinations

Posted by Gil Travel on October 15, 2017

Many factors go into making a particular destination a memorable place to visit. However, some vacations will outlast other trips in our memories. What makes a destination a good senior trip idea? Is it the location’s accessibility? The climate? Its historical attractions? The excitement it offers? Though one may be most important to you, each of these benefits contribute to the success of your destination as a tourist site.

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