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America has Thanksgiving, but How Do Other Countries Celebrate the Harvest?

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on November 23, 2016

The Thanksgiving countdown continues: 1 day until it's turkey time! Here at Gil Travel, we are excited to celebrate the upcoming holidays. Thanksgiving is all about enjoying the company of family and loved ones, while honoring the season of the harvest. Although Thanksgiving is mostly celebrated in America, other countries have harvest festivals as well. But how do these other countries celebrate? Let's take a look.

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Jewish Explorations Launches 2016 Study Tours

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on October 29, 2015

Discover Jewish Civilization Around the Globe

JEWISH EXPLORATIONS is now offering an array of exciting educational travel programs in collaboration with us, the Gil Travel Group headquartered in Philadelphia.  As a leader in Jewish travel to Israel and worldwide, we're excited to work on these Scholar-Led Jewish Study Tours. Our first tour will depart in March 2016. Keep reading for more information and the complete roster of 2016 tours.

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Introducing New Jewish Tours with Scholars

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on August 3, 2015

We at Gil Travel Group are very proud and excited to announce our upcoming collaboration with Adult Jewish Learning Programs in Princeton, NJ to offer the Jewishly-engaged sophisticated traveler a new option in worldwide education travel.

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Jerusalem’s Christian Quarter Main Attractions

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on January 15, 2015

No matter which religion you practice, chances are Israel holds a great deal of historical significance to you. Many people want to go on a pilgrimage to view the sites they’ve studied in person. Jerusalem, in particular, holds much religious significance and is a site of many relics worth exploring for any tourist. While we have written on the history of Jerusalem's Christian Quarter, we want to go into more detail about the great attractions found there.

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Singles Trip to Israel: Israel Insiders

Posted by Iris Hami on June 21, 2014

Perfect Singles Trip to Israel

Have you dreamed of touring Israel but put it off because you didn't want to travel alone? Here you will find an exciting Israel tour itinerary planned especially for single travelers such as yourself.

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Romantic Spots in Israel

Posted by Iris Hami on June 7, 2014

Seven Romantic Spots in Israel 

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