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Top 10 Jewish News Sites to Follow

Posted by Jessica Swiatlo on May 8, 2017

In today’s world of fake news, it’s important to keep up to date with relevant Jewish news through reputable and trustworthy news sites.  There is an abundance of current affairs sites in English that will allow you to keep informed on all that is happening both in Israel, the Middle East and worldwide Jewry.  Here are the top 10 Jewish news sites to follow: 

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Exposing your kids to Jewish food: what they need to know and love

Posted by Jessica Swiatlo on May 1, 2017

It’s no secret that pretty much every Jewish tradition and holiday revolves around some sort of food consumption.  Jewish tradition does not exist without the somewhat bland yet oh so delicious foods that accompany it.   

You grew up on this food.  It was likely a staple in your childhood home.  The question is, how do you get these foods to become just as familiar and comforting to your children as it is for you?  Well, the easiest solution is to make it a staple in your household.  But that requires a lot of arduous cooking.  So instead, save these recipes for holidays and special occasions (I’ve provided a recipe for each so you can get to cooking if you’d like).  Make your children associate these wonderful tastes with a holiday they love and look forward to year after year.  Maybe even help them learn about other Jewish cultures by introducing foods popular in other countries or in other families of different Jewish backgrounds. Here are my top Jewish food staples and how to go about getting your little ones to savor them as much as you do.

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Educational travel for kids

Posted by Jessica Swiatlo on April 29, 2017

Jewish tradition teaches us that we must instill in our children the lesson of giving to our community and those around us in need.  It’s a very basic part of what it means to be Jewish and an important part of a helping create a strong Jewish identity for your kids.  In today’s world of instant gratification and quick fixes, it’s hard to really shock our kids into being passionate about what they have and what they can give. It’s rare to find the opportunity in the daily hustle and bustle to take the time as a family to show our appreciation. That’s why I like to combine my family vacation with an extra component of educational travel for kids, in particular the lesson of Tikun Olam – the  Jewish acts of kindness designed to repair and protect our world.  

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Fifty Is the New Twenty! Active Seniors Rejoice with Our Jewish Heritage Tour of Portugal

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on September 28, 2016

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A recent study by Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise shows that 50 is the new 20!

Here at Gil Travel, we would tend to agree with a statement like this. We believe that age is just a number on an ID, not a statement on how we should live our lifestyles.


If you're 55 or older, but feel like you're still twenty years old at heart, you may find yourself with that same youthful longing. The saying always goes, "Travel while you're young!" but if you're lively and active, who says the traveling needs to stop? 


For those who are looking to continue their journeys throughout the world, Gil Travel has the perfect tour to offer you: our upcoming trip on a Jewish Heritage tour of Portugal! 


This trip is designed to feed the wanderlust in your childlike souls. Not only will you be residing in luxurious boutique hotels, exploring charming cities, and learning of fascinating Jewish heritage, but you'll also be meeting other active seniors! This is a great way for you to not only experience a trip culturally, but communally as well. 


In essence, the real allure of the tour is the small group size. With such intimate exposure to one another, everyone will be able to fully connect and truly become close. By the end of the nine day tour, strangers will become family. 


So what are you waiting for? Experience Portugal like never before! Join us this June when we travel overseas for the trip of a lifetime.


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Jewish Amsterdam: More Than Meets the Eye

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on September 6, 2016

Jewish Amsterdam is about far more than Anne Frank. In fact, Amsterdam is arguably the first place on earth where Jews became modern!

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Jewish Tourism Highlight: Sahar Hassamain Synagogue

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on July 26, 2016

What's truly unique about Jewish tourism is the common thread of faith that colors each destination. Judaism, although prevalent in many cultures, has not always been an accepted faith in many global settings. Take, for example, the Jewish presence in Portugal. Its oldest synagogue dates back to 1836, but unfortunately, it hadn’t been utilized for years until its recent refurbishment. Luckily, a Massachusetts synagogue identified the importance of maintaining the presence of Jewish faith in the Ponta Delgada, Portugal.

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How Do People Use Travel Agents?

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on March 23, 2016

Looking to book that trip abroad you’ve been thinking about? Interested in requesting special accommodations and amenities, as well as getting an inside scoop on your destination?

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Worldwide Jewish Heritage Countries [Infographic]

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on February 10, 2016

When you hear Jewish heritage, Jewish culture, or Jewish history, chances are Israel will pop into mind and maybe Poland. But Jewish culture has a strong influence on many countries and there are many countries across the globe that are rich with Jewish heritage, such as Portugal, Morocco, and India to name a few from very different parts of the world.

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Jewish Explorations Launches 2016 Study Tours

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on October 29, 2015

Discover Jewish Civilization Around the Globe

JEWISH EXPLORATIONS is now offering an array of exciting educational travel programs in collaboration with us, the Gil Travel Group headquartered in Philadelphia.  As a leader in Jewish travel to Israel and worldwide, we're excited to work on these Scholar-Led Jewish Study Tours. Our first tour will depart in March 2016. Keep reading for more information and the complete roster of 2016 tours.

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A Culinary Experience of Israel

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on August 19, 2015

by Jackie Sayet

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