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Dig Into History With VFI Plus Archaeology

Posted by Ellen Warren on September 10, 2020


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Volunteering for a cause!

Posted by Ilana Blumental on August 17, 2020

You COULD just write a check. You COULD just attend an IDF-themed gala. OR you could pack your bags, fly to Israel, and work arm-in-arm with Israeli soldiers. Sweat with them, laugh with them, support their work with yours, tell them why you are there, and show them that you are also all-in in supporting the State of Israel. And when they look at you and ask, “You paid to be here? You paid to come and help?” you can smile and say “yes.”

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Easter in Israel

Posted by Gil Travel on March 24, 2020

For numerous Christian pilgrims across the globe, there is no better place on the entire planet to observe Easter than Israel. Thousands of believers walk the footsteps of Jesus, relive his last days, and join together to remember his resurrection in this country, particularly in one of its most special cities – Jerusalem. What’s more, at the same time Christians celebrate Holy Week, Jews celebrate Passover, so this is a very exciting and special time for countless people who live and who come here. 

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LGBTQ Tour in Israel

Posted by Gil Travel on February 26, 2020

Israel is certainly the best country in the Middle East for LGBTQ individuals to live, be it alone or with their families. People in this country are largely accepting and welcoming, while the government has been actively promoting social equality for LGBTQ people for more than a decade. What’s more, Tel Aviv has become one of the gay capitals of the world. Therefore, there are many types of tours available specifically for non-heterosexual individuals.

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Herod's Israel: An Architectural Genius

Posted by Gil Travel on February 7, 2020

Herod the Great is a king known for many things, good and bad, but he had a great gift for architecture. 

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Israel's Culinary Hotspots For Every Gourmand

Posted by Gil Travel on February 4, 2020

Here’s a tour option for those who want to ‘taste’ the culture! All across Israel, you’ll find a myriad of cuisines, each with a great number of tasty dishes that speak of the country’s culture and history. It’s really easy finding popular spots with hearty meals that you simply must try, as they’re on every turn in every city, town, and village in Israel, but here are some of our recommendations for culinary hotspots to visit.

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Israel's Famous Valleys

Posted by Gil Travel on January 10, 2020

Pretty much everything in Israel is special. Even valleys are not simply valleys. Many of these charming natural areas have both historical and religious importance, and they tell the travelers many vastly interesting stories. There are quite a few truly beautiful valleys to visit, but for this special ‘tour’, we’ve chosen four particularly interesting sites in Israel. Let’s visit each.

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Under the Sea: Tel Hreiz

Posted by Gil Travel on January 7, 2020

Did you know that there’s an entire ancient village under the sea in Israel? It’s a magnificent Stone Age village whose inhabitants gave their best to protect it against the rising sea levels, going as far as to build what archeologists find may have been the world's first – hence, today’s oldest – defense wall. This Neolithic wall is up to 7,000 years old, but it could not stop climate change, and the villagers eventually lost the battle.

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Israel's Past Rulers and Where to Find Them

Posted by Gil Travel on January 2, 2020

The area of Israel has a millennia-old history and has been called home by numerous civilizations. Today, we can see their legacy and the remnants of their intricate cultures. How amazing is that? As we’re talking about many centuries of history, we won’t be able to discuss each period in detail, but we’ll still be able to see what immense impact these cultures had on the creation of the country as we know it today.

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Christian Tours to Israel in 2020

Posted by Gil Travel on December 23, 2019

There is nothing better than the first-hand experience of the Holy Land and the immense significance it has for millions of people all across the world. There is a long and special history that one can witness only in Israel, where people get to walk the roads that Jesus once took, visit the places he was born and lived in, and see the sites that the Bible describes. We live in a fantastic age when we can simply choose a tour that will make our life-long dreams a reality, or even have a tour tailored just for us! Let’s check out some of these biblical tours of dreams we can go on in 2020.

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