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Two Men Walk Into a Dubai

Posted by Rebecca Stern on October 14, 2020

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Dig Into History With VFI Plus Archaeology

Posted by Ellen Warren on September 10, 2020


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Volunteering for a cause!

Posted by Ilana Blumental on August 17, 2020

You COULD just write a check. You COULD just attend an IDF-themed gala. OR you could pack your bags, fly to Israel, and work arm-in-arm with Israeli soldiers. Sweat with them, laugh with them, support their work with yours, tell them why you are there, and show them that you are also all-in in supporting the State of Israel. And when they look at you and ask, “You paid to be here? You paid to come and help?” you can smile and say “yes.”

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Posted by Gil Travel on April 11, 2019

Israel warmly welcomes tourists. That means that there is a myriad of hotels to choose from in the country – whether you’d like one located in a contemporary or a historic building – or some of the best luxury and boutique hotels. There is most certainly something for everybody’s taste, and we’ve collected our favorite top-rated hotels in this list. 

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Port cities in Israel with the most breathtaking views 

Posted by Gil Travel on March 12, 2018

Most of Israel’s western border is the Mediterranean Sea and is full of port cities highly worth visiting. Throughout the centuries, some cities that were small ports grew into large urban centers with a rich culture. Nowadays, they are popular tourist destinations that offer many unique sites and lots of leisure activities. One great advantage of port cities in Israel is the great food, with plenty of seafood in the great fishermen's restaurants that rely on the Israel port cities. 

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Jewish Explorations Launches 2016 Study Tours

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on October 29, 2015

Discover Jewish Civilization Around the Globe

JEWISH EXPLORATIONS is now offering an array of exciting educational travel programs in collaboration with us, the Gil Travel Group headquartered in Philadelphia.  As a leader in Jewish travel to Israel and worldwide, we're excited to work on these Scholar-Led Jewish Study Tours. Our first tour will depart in March 2016. Keep reading for more information and the complete roster of 2016 tours.

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Thoughts of a Traveler: Israel Vacation

Posted by Gil Travel on November 14, 2014

This is part of our Travel Diary series where our travelers write about their experiences abroad and share it with our readers.

Thank you very much Stacey, for sharing and allowing us to share with all of our readers! 

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Moroccan Trivia and Facts for Your Next Trip

Posted by Iris Hami on November 13, 2014


, via flickr
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Exclusive Interview with Joan Nathan about Culture and Culinary

Posted by Gil Travel on October 16, 2014


Food legend, Joan Nathan
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Why Small Group Travel

Posted by Gil Travel on October 14, 2014

Benefits of Small Group Travel

Our small group Senior Tour in March 2014
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