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The Places Where a Tour Guide can Greatly Enhance Your Experience

Posted by Gil Travel on April 17, 2018

When thinking about a holiday, many people plan their trip on their own, using websites, recommendations and travel books to choose their next site. Others turn to an escorted tour company and join their tours. The reasons why many people would rather choose travel agencies and tour guides is to have an expert recommend where to go, what travel route to do and more. Oftentimes, the destinations have so many options that the information online or in travel books can be overwhelming. Another strong benefit is the fact that these tours are planned and executed flawlessly, with practically no effort from the tourist’s side.

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Escorted tours 101: All you need to know

Posted by Gil Travel on April 10, 2018


Traveling abroad for a vacation sounds like an amazingidea until the moment you start organizing the trip and planning the details. That’s where many tourists get frustrated as it becomes quite hard to decide which places are worth visiting and how to fit everything into your schedule which is very often time limited.

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