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3 New Museums in Israel

Posted by Gil Travel on November 12, 2017

No matter which country you visit, museums are an inevitable part of your tour. A lot of information about the history, culture, art, and archeology can be found in the country’s museums. When planning your tours In Israel, make sure to search for the museums and their artefacts. The list might go on and on and it’s difficult to make the right choice. To give their visitors unforgettable experiences, people in Israel invest a lot of money and effort to enrich museums’ collections and opening of the new, unique museums. On the list of the best museums in Israel, not all of them are founded a few decades ago.

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7 Artists in Israel

Posted by Gil Travel on November 7, 2017

There has never been a shortage of inspiration for Israeli artists. Its rich history and political strife have served them to grow and deliver inspiring and rich works of art. Rich societal contexts and their deep engagement helped them flourish in various branches of art, from photography, painting, sculpture to performance and film. The 20th century gave many Israeli artists who became popular and renowned not only in their homeland, but also in the western world. Even though contemporary Israeli art scene has been overlooked for many years, it developed into a provocative and dynamic environment, interrogating political and national issues.

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Introducing New Jewish Tours with Scholars

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on August 3, 2015

We at Gil Travel Group are very proud and excited to announce our upcoming collaboration with Adult Jewish Learning Programs in Princeton, NJ to offer the Jewishly-engaged sophisticated traveler a new option in worldwide education travel.

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Jewish Heritage and History of Berlin

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on July 7, 2015

Overview of Jews in Berlin

The history of Berlin links closely with the history of the Jews. In fact, it was founded when the Great Elector Friedrich Wilhelm I, in 1671, commanded 50 of the Jewish families expelled from Vienna to settle in Berlin. Today, Jews are once again weaving into the life and times of Berlin, but the heritage sites of Jewish past still remain significant in the history of the community.

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2015 Maccabi Games Berlin: Keeping in Touch with Jewish Roots

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on June 3, 2015

A desire, a dream, a vision: those who have been in competitive sports can tell you what champions are made of. So there couldn’t be a better way than The Maccabi Games to allow athletes to attain this. It is also an opportunity to connect with each other, and their Jewish identity. These Games give the participants and observers a delightful mix of sports competition and cultural heritage. It’s a great feeling to cheer on an athlete going for the gold while at the same time, making memories for a lifetime.

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A Taste of Israel: MachneYuda and Chef Assaf Granit

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on May 23, 2015

[su_quote]For starters, I will take a sashimi passion fruit with pickled kohlrabi and tobiko; I will have the fillet mignon with yogurt pesto, and beet mashed potatoes as my entrée. For dessert, you might as well add in the tiramisu with pistachio cookies & cream.[/su_quote]The featured image above is just a glimpse of the mouthwatering items offered by the iconic MachneYuda restaurant in Jerusalem.  At MachneYuda, Chef Assaf Granit has taken the restaurant scene in Jerusalem to another level. Assaf Granit was born and raised in Jerusalem and is notable for being the winner of Israel’s Iron Chef. Internationally versed in his art, Chef Granit has become unstoppable.  He combines his culinary innovation with the heart of Jerusalem cuisine making it almost impossible to get a reservation at MachneYuda unless made weeks prior.

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“Beer me, please!” The Growing Culture of Beer within Israel

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on May 18, 2015

Contrary to naive belief, grape kosher wine is not the only alcoholic beverage popular in Israel. In fact, ask someone who resides in the Holy Land, and they may ask, Manischewitz who? However, as one of the world’s oldest beverages, beer has made a significant impact within the history of Israel. Let us rewind to see the progression of its influence leading to present day where Israel hosts one of the world’s largest Beer Festival.

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Berlin to Host the 2015 European Maccabi Games

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on May 15, 2015

U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

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New Israeli Opera brings Arts to Masada

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on February 11, 2015

The incredible site of Masada in Israel’s Negev desert is a must-see on essentially every tour around the country. This historical gem is an iconic site of Jewish resilience, strength, and emotional integrity in the face of ongoing hardship. Today visitors from around the world pay tribute to the ancient people of Masada who took their own lives instead of submitting to the impending slavery the would have faced had they surrendered to foreign armies. A highlight of many tours to Israel is ascending Masada in time to view the breathtaking sunrise over the expansive Negev below.

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Highlights of Israel's Complicated yet Fascinating History

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on January 23, 2015

The history of Israel and its surrounding nations makes it a truly fascinating yet sometimes complicated travel destination. Throughout the history this territory of Judah has always been a place of miracles, events that changed a course of the humanity, and the wars that greatly influenced the world. At least a dozen kingdoms and nations have occupied this amazing and rich land in the past centuries and many of them had left their footprints in the deserts, forests, and on the hills of the Holy Land. But Israel is not only a perfect and exciting country for lovers of history and culture; a nature enthusiast would find a treasure trove of sites and locations throughout Israel as well.

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