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Top 10 Toilets in Tel Aviv. Now you know.

Posted by Iris Hami on Jun 27, 2013 2:03:23 PM

The following piece really caught my eye as the “loo/WC/latrine/etc.” is a very important piece of equipment in everyone’s life and when you really think about it (just as I am doing now) you realize that the only toilet one really has control over is in one’s own home. And, nothing is more important when not functioning properly or filthy and all that can go with that.  Some time ago when I would drive from Philly to NYC to see a show or meet friends/colleagues, where to park was always an issue at some point. If my wife was with me we headed straight uptown to the New York Hilton to park. Because it was cheaper? No! Better spaces? Staff? No, it was because as we exited the lot, through the hotel, my wife thought that the ladies room was simply top drawer! I don’t think my wife is unusual in this respect.

As I skimmed the piece attached, I noted that back in 2011 the guide to “The Best Public Bathrooms in Jerusalem” was published. Now people know where to run if you are caught short while touring the Holy City.

And so, just in time for summer, it’s the Tmagid-center2el Aviv-Jaffa Municipality’s turn. Both cities have long published maps of public restrooms, part of the recently launched iView web application, a free Geographic Information System (GIS) that shows where to find everything from the toilets to bike rentals stations and parking. You can pick up printed maps at tourist information offices on the beach promenade and near the Jaffa Clock Tower.

As I worked on this “Toilet Trek” I began to consider how very important this information actually is. Perhaps not for a guy like me who only needs a bush but, for ladies like my wife and women and men with special needs. Babies who need to be nursed in private and babies that need changing. Clean safe restrooms in working order are something that can affect your perception of your visit to Tel Aviv entirely.

As I read the attached article by Abigail Klein Leichman I wondered if New York or Philadelphia has initiated anything like it. Leave it to Israel to make sure your next “pit-stop” isn’t really the pits!



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