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Top 10 Stargazing Spots in Israel

Posted by Gil Travel on Jun 28, 2018 10:57:01 AM

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While Israel is more than beautiful and enjoyable during the day, visitors ought to witness the magnificence that is its night sky. Since there is little light pollution in these places, the moon, the stars, and all other celestial objects are clearly visible to the eye. This country has many amazing spots for stargazing for you to visit while on a tour to Israel, but the most beautiful are found in two extremely different areas: the desert and the sea.

1. Night Safari in the Negev Desert

Deserts are not lifeless. As a matter of fact, the Negev is home to various wonderful creatures – from owls, bats and foxes, to snakes, hedgehogs, leopards, and hyenas. When the darkness falls, they come out of their hidings and go about their business. Visitors can join a night safari, to drive around the Negev under the moonlight, meet these gorgeous animals, and observe the clear night sky all at once.

2. Bedouin Hospitality

Bedouin culture and tradition are famous for the emphasis put on hospitality. It is imperative for Bedouins to welcome and receive their guests warmly, and offer drinks and delicious, traditional home-cooked food. The visitors can enjoy Bedouin entertainment and even camel rides. But before going to sleep in a comfortable tent, the guests are free to take in the night’s sights, surrounded by fresh, quiet, desert air.

3. Mitzpe Ramon

One of the ultimate ways to enjoy the desert night sky is to rent your own hut in the middle of the Negev wilderness, far away from the cities’ lights, in the famous Mitzpe Ramon crater. You can get all the roughness of the desert but combined with all the modern facilities. It is both a private and an environment-friendly way to admire the beauty of the clearest and the darkest night sky in the country.

4. The Portable Observatory

Ira ‘The Starman’ Machefsky can not only help you see the celestial objects better but actually explain what it is you are looking at by using his ‘portable observatory’. An astronomy expert with over forty years of experience in the field, Ira offers tours in the desert behind Mitzpe Ramon, which include naked eye observation of the sky, identifying constellations, learning about the motion of the sky, etc.

5. Hadera River Park

Surprisingly, this park stands near an old sewage system and a power station but has been beautifully cleaned and renovated, so much so that a night walk along the Hadera River to Givat Olga Beach is a must for stargazers. The park’s trail is simply marvelous under the moonlight, and there are man-made waterfalls and pools along the way, as well as archaeological and historic sites.

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6. Timna Valley

Just north of Eilat lies a historic site and an ancient attraction – Timna Park. One can’t go wrong with a night full of stargazing on top of the ancient copper mines, while surrounded with magnificent natural formations created by wind, humidity, and water erosion, such as Solomon’s Pillars, the Mushroom, and the Arches. Overnight camping is available to anybody who is interested.

7. Borot Lutz

If you are a fan of floral aromas that fill the night air while you are stargazing, then you must visit the Lutz Cisterns! At the end of winter / in early spring, the yellow desert gets covered with various lovely flowers, such as anemones and tulips. There is a free campground site there, and a circular walking trail that takes you to the amazing lookouts, ancient agricultural terraces and cisterns, and even a Nabatean farmhouse.

8. Ein Bokek

For a more pampering type of stargazing experience, you can visit Ein Bokek – a resort district on the shore of the Dead Sea, where you can enjoy various types of spas and health treatments. You can explore the archaeological findings, like the ruins of a small Roman-era fortress, and the remains of an ancient perfume and medicine factory. A visit to the Bokek Stream, a canyon-like gorge with water springs and exceptional fauna and flora, is a must.

9. Ein Gedi

Ein Gedi, which means ‘spring of the kid’ or ‘young goat’, is a one-of-a-kind oasis, nature reserve, and hiking spot in Israel, located west of the Dead Sea, in the Judean Desert, near Masada and the Qumran Caves. It has beautiful, diverse landscapes, botanical gardens, and remains from the Neolithic to the Byzantine periods. Imagine stargazing in this historic, fairytale-like place.

10. Neve Zohar

Whether you prefer to go down to the beach or up towards the village, Neve Zohar has various options for you to sit down (or lie down) and observe the stars in perfect tranquillity. Neve Zohar is a small community settlement in southern Israel, and the lowest village in the world, with a museum showcasing Dead Sea-related items. It was named after the Zohar Stream that flows into the Dead Sea. The Zohar Hot Springs are rich in sulfur and believed to possess healing properties. There is also an unused airfield situated southeast of the village.

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