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Three Israel Haunts

Posted by Iris Hami on Oct 31, 2014 4:06:32 PM


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Halloween is a favorite holiday that is adopted by many countries around the world. The popular practice usually celebrates this wonderfully spooky holiday October 31st and involves creative costumes and candy.

Regardless of the complex history of the holiday, it is a local favorite in communities in Israel as well, as the secular community especially enjoys dressing up and having a spooky blast! In honor of this haunted holiday, we have come up with a few secret favorite Israel haunts of ours to get a true taste of Israel’s haunted history and present-day haunted houses!

1. Valley of Hinnom


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This valley has some bad press from its biblical days as the site where the people of Judah sacrificed their children to fire gods. It has come to be known the “furnace in Jerusalem” because of its association with fire as well as its dark past. Today, the valley offers Old City visitors one of the nicest walks around, starting from the Scottish Church overlooking the whole area.



2. Haunted Synagogue of Safed




Ari Sefardi Synagogue's close proximity to Safed's ancient cemetery makes it come as no surprise that this synagogue has an interesting haunted legend attached to its legacy. In the 19th century, the community believed that synagogue was occupied by an evil spirit. Anyone who steps in never comes out alive. After a couple of these mysterious deaths, the synagogue was locked and closed indefinitely. According to Zissil, the Baba Sali, a Moroccan rabbi visited Safed in 1921 where he eventually entered the synagogue and freed it of its demonic presence. Since then, the synagogue is opened to the public.


3. Nightmare

Not quite an Israel "Haunt" per say, but if you're one for haunted houses, then Tel Aviv's Nightmare is something you can't miss. Nightmare is one of the world's best contemporary haunted houses and gives visitors an extra intense scare to boot! Experience the best of the city’s theatricality and dramatic atmosphere at this world class fright fest in the heart of Tel Aviv. From the videos I've seen, I'd say it's not for the faint of heart, but if you like haunted houses, then you're in for a scare!

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What do you think of these spooky Israel haunts? Regardless if you prefer spooky historical sites, or jump scares, Israel has something to accommodate all of your travel desires!

For now, enjoy creative costumes, candy, and the crisp autumn evening.


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