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Three Fantastic Private Tours to Eastern Europe

Posted by Gil Travel on Dec 27, 2019 7:50:00 AM

Three Fantastic Private Tours to Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is a place of fairytales. It’s a region of fascinating sceneries, architecture, tradition, art, and a myriad of other awe-inspiring things, all welcoming us. Tours are a fantastic way of visiting and enjoying a country, whether we’re going there for the first time or we’ve been there many times before. All we need to do is show up – everything else is taken care of. And if you can believe it, it can get even better than that. We can book a private tour and enjoy all the perks and luxury that come with it and that we deserve. These tours come in a number of different ‘shapes and sizes’ so to say, so that there’d be numerous options that fit our interests, and each of these is carefully crafted to give us travelers the best experience.

Boat and Bike: Germany, Slovakia, Hungary and Austria

Imagine a boat and bike tour through Europe. We can have it! Let’s board our ship on the enchanting Danube River, and let it take us from one country to the next so we can cycle in a new, amazing place every day. We start from Passau’s cobblestone Old Town, and the next day, we ride through the Austrian countryside, encountering traditional villages, cider taverns, and markets along the way. We pedal on, to the magnificent Imperial Palace of Hof, and further still we go, to the coronation city of Bratislava

Our amazing ship entertains us, while we dine in full luxury, and the next day, we enter Budapest, cycling to its famous sites. There’s no end to the most spectacular of landscapes. Now we pedal through the wooded hills of Pilis, Visegrád and Börzsöny, and through the idyllic Szentendre, and the baroque village of Vác to the town of Esztergom, home to a splendid basilica.

Today, Vienna welcomes us. Let’s hop on our bikes to see its most famous sites and then have some coffee with apple strudel in one of Vienna’s cafés. Our last day on this tour is no less special, as we pedal through the Baroque town of Dürnstein and the celebrated Wachau.

Eastern European Panorama

This is another truly incredible journey. This Eastern European tour starts in Vienna, and we go from the Hofburg Palace to the Belvedere Palace, seeing numerous phenomenal sites throughout the city. Then we enter Budapest, where we’re welcomed by the Parliament, Royal Palace and the Castle Hill area, among a number of other historic edifices on our itinerary. Our next stop is Kraków, its Wawel Hill, the Royal Castle, the Royal Cathedral, the Main Market Square, Renaissance Cloth Hall, and the St. Mary's Church. We make our way to the Auschwitz-Birkenau

Now we’re in Częstochowa to visit the Yasna Gora Monastery, known for the “Black Madonna”, after which we arrive in Warsaw. Driving along the famous Royal Route and seeing the Castle Square, Lazienki Park and Palace, the Saxon Garden, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Monument to the Heroes of the Warsaw Ghetto, are just some of the things we do in this amazing city. The next day, we’re looking at Berlin’s famous sites such as Reichstag, the Schloss Charlottenburg and Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, and the day after that, we’ve admiring Prague’s Royal Castle, the Cathedral of St. Vitus, and the Old Royal Palace, we’re crossing the Charles Bridge and walking through the old quarter of Prague to view the Jewish Ghetto, Town Hall, and the world-famous Astronomical Clock.

Little Tour of Russia

We’ve seen so many countries so far, but one more is needed to complete this unique European experience – the magnificent Russia. This little tour of Russia starts in Moscow, where the Red Square, the colorful St. Basil's Cathedral, the Kremlin, and the impressive Armory Museum are just some of the places that await us. We take a drive to the 14th-century Sergiev Posad, a center of ancient Russian art and architecture and admire the fairytale blue and gold domes of the Holy Trinity Monastery. On we go, to the north bank of the Moskva River, to see the baroque Novodevichy Convent.

Here we are in St. Petersburg – a perfect conclusion to our journey. This charming city has a myriad of places for us to see, such as Nevsky Prospect, Smolny Cathedral, Cruiser Aurora, Field of Mars, the Palace Square, the Winter Palace, the Senate Square, and St. Isaac’s Cathedral. Let’s visit the 1703 Peter and Paul Fortress and the historic Peter and Paul Cathedral. Finally, we go to the world-famous Hermitage, home of more than four million works of art. Also, along the way, we must see the remarkable metro stations in both of these cities.

There’s truly a private tour out there for everyone, just a mouse click or a phone call away. Thanks to them, we get to travel through time and enjoy the world’s diversity, while we enrich our lives with priceless experiences of the charming landscapes, superb architecture, brilliant art, glimpses into the long and rich history and tradition of Eastern Europe, and much more.

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