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10 Reasons to See Tel Aviv Before You Die

Posted by Gil Travel on Sep 8, 2008, 3:34:32 PM

It’s not entirely the first place one thinks of when choosing international travel, but don’t you think any valid option is worth looking into? Why should Tel Aviv be any different; let me assure you, it is quite different from standard vacation locales. In fact ‘different’ is the key theme here, especially when it comes to culture. Sights to see abound and anyone visiting wont miss out on the plethora of attractions, but the ‘who’ might actually be more intriguing than the ‘where.’
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1. Beaches for everyone (and every applicable lifestyle)
2. Mediterranean taste and cuisine
3. Scenic vistas and landscapes
4. Historical significance, right outside your doorstep
5. Relative vicinity of Jerusalem and other important landmarks

It is important to note both the cost of living for the demographics and how they seem to join symbiotically to make what Tel Aviv is today. With Jerusalem in such marginal vicinity, this area of the Mediterranean presents a sort of double-whammy to travelers seeking history and the beach. Speaking of beaches, Tel Aviv has a sort of ‘beach areas for everyone’ system. Orthodox-heavy areas will find ‘swim time signs’ for Men and Women and other groups might find their own niche whether they’re there for a view, sun-bath, surf or otherwise.
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6. Perfect place for attractions including surfing, water-sports, tours and more
7. A place that’s seen both beauty and strife
8. Music and atmosphere; surpassing time and culture
9. Stellar night-life and clubs
10. The people: symbiotically living in the crossroad of the world

Other than events, a visitor might want to scour the numerous flea markets, restaurants or simply get to talk with the denizens who make this exotic location their everyday lives. You might find their sincere search for peace in their home and abroad, and that this peace is applicable to everyone. Tel Aviv an accumulation of cultures centered in an unforgettable scenes and experiences and definitely shouldn’t be overlooked by any means.

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