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Tel Aviv #1 must see destination of 2009

Posted by Gil Travel on Dec 22, 2008 3:54:05 PM

Tel Aviv cafe


Tel Aviv declared #1 must see destination of 2009: This headline from the It List 2009 released this month by
If anybody's traveling in 2009- and we know you are, although there have been (un)popular reports saying you are staying home next year- it is a great idea to check out before you head out the door.  While there, you will be happy to see Tel Aviv at the top of their list!  After all, these are "the places that will make you feel all right about the world again."

Tel Aviv, Israel. Just in time for its 100th birthday, this newly hip city has plenty to celebrate, with a spate of new hotels and redevelopment, a happening contemporary art scene, and vibrant nightlife.

Grant Martin of says,  "Israel's second largest city and economic hub sounds glorious."  A local blogger in the city raves [and took the picture as seen above], "Tel Aviv is magical. Its incredibly alive, full with outrageousness and busy. Its chic, vibrant, colourful, full on and well… I simply adore it."

Certainly the sunny beaches by day, the non-stop electric-lit nightlife and a rich cultural history charms all who enter the year-round party that is Tel Aviv.  Insiders to the city know that "whether you are into clubbing, restaurants, coffee shops, or smoke-filled bars, Tel Aviv has something for you."

And what happens if you fall in love with the city and just don't want to leave?  Tel Aviv is a real estate hot spot in Israel for visitors who want more than a time share. :-) Amir Yarkoni, writer for Real Estate Tel Aviv explains:

Tel Aviv is Israel's economic, commercial and culture capital. As such, real estate prices are usually higher and also may yield higher returns than other places.  Roughly speaking, the northern you go in Tel Aviv, the higher property prices get.  Real estate prices, as any other commodity, are affected by supply and demand. Supply of new housing in Tel Aviv is quite slim, as Tel Aviv is virtually built up.

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