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Charlie Bit My Finger!

Posted by Gil Travel on Apr 28, 2008 8:54:05 AM

Many countries have strange traditions you should be aware of when around the globe. Remember that world travel can have its share of unscrupulous people. Take Great Britian for example.


Translated: "What is it that revolves around the Earth?" The correct answer is "A": The Moon. But if you travel to France, you just might be surprised that more than half (56%) of them believe that it's the Sun. (B: "Le Soleil")


Spain: Forget the running of the bulls, this is the running of the pool chairs. It's a mad rush to get a good one.


When traveling to Sweden, be ever vigilant that their flexibility is only surpassed by their singing ability. Sorry, no translation available.


There is some good news, although one airline will drop you off directly on the beaches of a strange country called "Florida", you should learn some of the local phrases, such as "Scuba-Do!"

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