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A Member of The Sopranos Goes on ©Taglit Birthright Israel?

Posted by Gil Travel on Jan 30, 2008 6:36:53 AM

Following celebrities usually means following them around the Hollywood scene but in this case, actress Jamie Lynn Sigler from HBO's The Sopranos means following her all the way to Israel for her very own ©Taglit Birthright Israel trip! Recently, this acclaimed star took the trip of a lifetime and experience Israel firsthand. What's great is that this was also an opportunity for her to connect with others about her Jewish heritage and start some great friendships in the process.

Now joining the army might be a bit much, but she did get to do it all complete with the famous camel ride and roast lamb. Now if she could just use her celebrity status to promote her birthright trip and allow others to experience the feelings she felt, that would really be something.

So on a personal level, we see that she got to have her heritage become real to her, actually being there, and coming to grips with history. Even more, having only a general view of conflict in that area, now she can say that she has personally witnessed the people and the lives they lead every day.

This trip allowed her to be moved in a way that she never thought possible. In addition to opening up a new world to her, she was impressed and inspired forever.

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