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There Go My Sinuses!

Posted by Gil Travel on Mar 3, 2008 3:03:32 PM

Oh my aching head

Traveling can be great, in fact it can be awsome, but no one wants to be sick while traveling, especially when you have planned so much. There's plenty to think about, but who wants to think about being sick on a trip? Nothing beats an exotic destination or a new found favorite vacation spot, but for those who have been stuffed up, achy, tired, jetlagged, feverish, ill, or any other way of describing 'sick', it can turn that dream in to a nightmare. Maybe you felt it coming on before you left. Maybe it appeared when you arrived. Maybe you forgot to pack fourteen different kinds of medication. Honestly, who sees this coming? No time for complaining! Remedy is on the way!

Where's that purple one?

If it's a head cold or sinus build up, take full advantage of the steamy hot relaxation that is your hotel bathroom shower. You paid for it, you're on vacation, so do your head a favor and stay in there for a while. Gently ease the hot water a little more to the higher temperature and give yourself time to relax. Just don't stay in so long that you get all wrinkly or light headed. Pair up this 'hour shower' with a decongestant and you will be ready to go. Ahhhhh, now isn't that better?

It has to be said, so here goes. Sometimes, your body might not react exactly the way you wanted to various foods abroad. This can come in the form of food that your system just isn't used to. It might come in the form of a savory Indian delicacy that you really, really love and can't stop eating. Either way, this isn't your fault. But, it is now your problem. This cannot be stressed enough: be prepared. Have access to whatever it is that would calm your insides. You know what's best for your system and what makes you feel better, so have that handy.

Having a persistent cough can make you hate having a throat or just life itself. Whether it's the weather or temperature, (or you're getting a temperature) this symptom is the most public, because there you are, just spreading germs and generally causing people around you to wonder if they should find some antibacterial hand sanitizer. Be especially considerate, as many cultures are keen on staying healthy. Keep that cough to yourself, wash your hands frequently, try a few cough drops and stay out of the cold until it goes away.

The doctor is in

All in all, you want to be healthy during travel, right? This ultimately becomes your responsibility to think, plan, and have a great time abroad! Even the World Health Organization will remind you (nicely, of course) that you have to ask, understand, and prepare for your international travel. Your health is in your hands. As long, that is, that in your hands you have a various assortment of medicine, hand sanitizer, and any prescription medicine. Stay healthy and have fun traveling!

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