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Senior Tour (55+) by the people (Gil Travel) who really know Israel. March 26 to April 8, 2014

Posted by Iris Hami on Aug 29, 2013 2:34:51 PM

Gil Travel are the leading experts in travel to Israel.

Having been in the Incentive Travel business myself (this author)Jerusalem-Israel-Dome-of-the-Rock-R-Duran-best-picture-gallery for over 35 years I have learned a thing or two about people, travel and how the two converge and sometimes not. My field, Incentive Travel is special group travel programs designed to make people do even more/purchase more/work harder the next year in order to do it again. The trip had better be a good one.
I have learned that like-minded people really do enjoy traveling together. I have had groups all over the world, sometimes groups of several hundred, and people have a tendency to seek out those they feel most comfortable with. The bond and the trip becomes that much more special. The more mature of us (me included) can find traveling with children, “swinging singles”, the athletic crowd, and eager beavers that just have to see everything in one day, a tad annoying! This trip is designed to be run at a comfortable pace and will cover the highlights of Israel while remembering that this is your vacation and for some the trip of a lifetime. Pacing is important as is experiencing the Israeli culture as well as its history. While 55+ is not adolescent it is not decrepit either. Those with serious special needs can certainly be accommodated by Gil Travel anywhere in the world but this program would be best for the ambulatory.
It has wisely been said in the promotion of the country that “There is a little bit of Israel in all of us. Come find the Israel in you”. Gil Travel knows that not only is this true but also that Israel means totally different things to different people. In a very real sense, Israel is the genuine “Embarrassment of Riches” as in a very real sense much of what fascinates people began here and is still very much alive and thriving here.
I personally do not believe that Israel set out to be the birthplace of much of the world’s religion. Religion simply chose to be born in Israel. Are there any two cities in the world as awesome as Jerusalem and Tel Aviv? So exciting, important, one of a kind, and less than an hour apart! You will see the Dead Sea and experience its unbelievable, magical healing qualities, the picturesque Sea of Galilee, it’s really several exciting trips to the Holy Land rolled into one.
Gil Travel’s program includes: Direct, Non-stop, Round-trip air from Newark via El Al Airlines (Israel’s National Airline), airport assistance by private Gil Travel Hosts, all accommodations (11 nights) at carefully selected, first class hotels, full Israeli buffet breakfast daily, private dinners each evening, including gala welcome and farewell evenings. There is even a special lunch in Eretz Beresheet (Abraham’s Tent) during one of the 9 days of continuous touring with tax and gratuities inclusive with the program as well. Also in the program are all appropriate group transfers and all tours will be conducted on state of the art, air conditioned coaches with chilled mineral waters.
The Bottom Line: This tour was designed for healthy men and women age 55 and up who are interested in a country without parallel. For Jews and Christians alike Israel really is “home” and as I always say, biting into an Israeli Orange that thrives in this tropical, desert climate is like biting into the “Sweet joy of a summer day with people you love”. To me that alone is worth the trip.
For more details and better information, pricing and other particulars, this very special program is being handled by Gil Travel’s Israel Department Manager Susan Blum: Susan is quite experienced with her product (Israel) and will be happy to answer all of your questions and secure your space. She can also be reached at 215 568 6655 X 238 or 800 223 3855.

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