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"Secrets of Jerusalem" a love story.

Posted by Iris Hami on Aug 20, 2013 9:46:31 AM

secrets of jerusalemHISTORICAL SITES IN ISRAEL
The Secrets of Jerusalem ... Author Tzvia Dobrish-Fried moved to Jerusalem in the 1970's. It was love at first sight for the former small-town girl who to this day maintains her sense of wonder at the big, capitol city.

Where did the idea for her book Secrets of Jerusalem come from? "Moving to Jerusalem was a big shock that still hasn’t worn off. To this very day I’m still surprised by Jerusalem, and every day I see something new here. When I first came here I was in university and then I was working and raising my children and I never had time to explore the city. I would always see things on the side of the road that interested me and I always wanted to investigate, but I never had the time. In particular, I remember visiting my optometrist on Prague St. [next to Strauss St. and Jaffa Rd.]. He had a window next to his eye-chart, through which I saw a minaret. Every year, I meant to leave his office and check out the minaret, and I never did. When I took a leave of absence from work to write my first book, [Houses of Jerusalem,] I visited homes throughout the city. Since I was already exploring the city, I began to investigate other things I was interested in as well. When people found out what I was doing, they told me about their own secrets of Jerusalem and I began looking into those as well. Now I have enough information for three books about this city".

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