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Rio 2016 Fans Rejoice! Gil Travel Can Show You Even MORE of South America

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on Aug 17, 2016 2:59:56 PM

The roaring excitement of the Rio 2016 Olympics has certainly brought plenty of positive attention to South America! The telecasts display scenic seasides during beach volleyball tournaments and towering mountain ranges during the cycling events. The gorgeous South American atmosphere has made viewers want to pack their bags and head on down to join in the action. But Brazil is surely not the only country there is to see down there. If watching the Rio 2016 Olympics makes you want to travel over to South America, then you’re in luck! Gil Travel wants to take you there. Offering several trips to South American countries such as Argentina, Peru, and Colombia, Gil Travel can show you the breathtaking landscapes of our neighbors below the equator:

Argentina: Combining the mountain views with the water systems, travelers will get to visit Mendoza, an oasis that thrives off of the Andes glacier waters.

Machu Picchu Machu Picchu in Peru

Peru: Do those mountain ranges you see on your TV screen give you wanderlust to see even more? When you travel to Peru, you’ll take an exquisite hike to Machu Picchu. This ancient citadel sits on top of mountain ridge, where tours will observe the most gorgeous sunrise while there.

Colombia: More mountains? More scenery! While visiting a coffee plantation, you will take in the lush mountain ranges that surround you.

Why hesitate? If you like what you’re seeing when you tune into the games, you’ll love to take in South America in person!

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