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Jewish life in Portugal throughout history and today

Posted by Gil Travel on December 31, 2017

Throughout history, the Jewish people have gone through successful and wealthy periods, but desperate times as well. Until 1496 there had been 150 Jewish communities in Portugal, each one having its own worship places and institutions. But that year brought an end to their communities, forceful conversion to Christianity and expulsion from Portugal. Many religious sites, walls, carvings and gates were destroyed, but Judaism in Portugal didn’t completely vanish; its traces remained in inscriptions, historic markers, place names and local tales.

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What are the Imperial Capitals and why they are your next trip destination

Posted by Gil Travel on December 29, 2017

On a Central and Eastern Europe tour, one will find rich history on every corner of the imperial cities of Prague, Vienna and Budapest. Explore their magical cobble lanes, cathedrals, bridges, majestic palaces and magnificent castles; enjoy the view of stunning nature and its rivers, lakes, and gardens. A trip to the imperial capitals will enrich your understanding of the various cultures and history of these cities and you, too, can witness their imposing grace and elegance like many others have so far.

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5 Places Every Moscow Trip Should Include

Posted by Gil Travel on December 25, 2017

Moscow, a city enormously rich in history, art and culture, thrills visitors with its majestic beauty. When planning your Eastern Europe tour, this city deserves a place on your list; from historical sites, museums and squares, to amazing theaters and restaurants, this city’s architecture and lifestyle will not leave you impassive. Preparing and organizing your trip in advance is a must in order to see as many places as possible and create life long memories.

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Common Eastern Europe Destinations to Combine

Posted by Gil Travel on December 18, 2017

Many people choose Western Europe as their destination when planning their vacation. Though it certainly offers much of the contemporary and quaint cultures and stunning nature, there are other places worth visiting for the same reasons, but for a cheaper price. If you are looking for tours that are less popular but do have lots to offer, an Eastern Europe tour might be a choice with lots of surprises. Many historical sites, beautiful nature and diverse culture are mesmerizing more and more tourists each year. To see the most of it and enjoy as much as possible, here are the top destination combinations that will ensure a memorable experience.

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Places Seniors Would Enjoy Visiting in Berlin

Posted by Gil Travel on December 15, 2017

This is a time in your life when you can finally visit and explore those places you have only had a chance to dream about and see in pictures. One European city has become a sought after destination for senior tours - Berlin, Germany. While its young population has branded it a hotspot for young travelers, this city offers a lot to its visitors no matter your age. Rich history, plentiful museums, a thriving art scene and wonderful restaurants make it a place you’ll want to visit too.

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4 Cocktail Bars in Israel

Posted by Gil Travel on December 10, 2017

Once you decide to start your tour to Israel, checking online for places worth visiting is a must in order to organize your time better and see as much as possible. Among many things that are worth exploring are cocktail bars. We all need some quality time to relax after an exhaustive day, or celebrate and have a great party with friends. Across the country, you can find amazing and exclusive cocktail bars and here, you can find out more about the top four cocktail bars that are a must visit; not only for tourists, they are favorite places for the locals too.

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9 Kosher Restaurants in TLV

Posted by Gil Travel on December 1, 2017

To fully experience Tel Aviv, Israel's Mediterranean coastal city, this once-in-a-lifetime experience should include exploring its exquisite cuisine. The list of the restaurants goes on and on, and it seems impossible to choose the best one to enjoy lunch time or an evening dinner. Another difficulty tourists face is finding a kosher restaurant, since many of the restaurants in Tel-Aviv are not kosher. To help you get the most of your tours to Israel and enjoy every meal, here is the list of the top seven kosher restaurants in Tel Aviv.

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5 Places to See in the South

Posted by Gil Travel on November 20, 2017

The south of Israel covers more than 50 percent of the country’s land. Even though sparsely populated, it still offers a wide range of activities, adventures and fascinating sites to its visitors. The Dead Sea, Negev Desert, Eilat with its exit onto the Red Sea brim with natural beauties and wonders, adventure playgrounds, rich culture and history, outdoor activities and finally, unforgettable memories for all those who visit the area. Tours in Israel bring extraordinary experience and remarkable adventure. Traveling with friends, family or being a loner, a trip to Israel will not be disappointing.

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3 New Museums in Israel

Posted by Gil Travel on November 12, 2017

No matter which country you visit, museums are an inevitable part of your tour. A lot of information about the history, culture, art, and archeology can be found in the country’s museums. When planning your tours In Israel, make sure to search for the museums and their artefacts. The list might go on and on and it’s difficult to make the right choice. To give their visitors unforgettable experiences, people in Israel invest a lot of money and effort to enrich museums’ collections and opening of the new, unique museums. On the list of the best museums in Israel, not all of them are founded a few decades ago.

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7 Artists in Israel

Posted by Gil Travel on November 7, 2017

There has never been a shortage of inspiration for Israeli artists. Its rich history and political strife have served them to grow and deliver inspiring and rich works of art. Rich societal contexts and their deep engagement helped them flourish in various branches of art, from photography, painting, sculpture to performance and film. The 20th century gave many Israeli artists who became popular and renowned not only in their homeland, but also in the western world. Even though contemporary Israeli art scene has been overlooked for many years, it developed into a provocative and dynamic environment, interrogating political and national issues.

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