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3 important Jewish sites to visit in Warsaw

Posted by Gil Travel on March 29, 2018

Jewish communities called Poland their home for more than a millennium. Once known as Paradisus Iudaeorum (Latin for “Paradise of the Jews”), Poland was home to the largest Jewish community in the world. 1772, however, brought The First Partition of Poland, religious conflicts, and the persecution of Jews.

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Top Escorted Tour Destinations Worldwide / Israel

Posted by Gil Travel on March 26, 2018

Senior tours are a fantastic way to spend fun, relaxing, and educational time for mature travellers who want to enjoy life and leave the troublesome planning to other people. Escorted tours offer stays at the best hotels and meals at the best of restaurants, as well as visits to castles, palaces, and monuments of great cultural, historical, and religious value. Through this experience, the guests are led by educated and friendly guides.

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3 Beautiful Synagogues in Israel

Posted by Gil Travel on March 20, 2018

Israel has a myriad of interesting and educational sites, all included in tours to Israel for travellers to enjoy, so choosing just a few can be difficult. Still, if one wishes to see Israel’s edifices of great architectural and historical importance, one must visit the synagogues.

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Port cities in Israel with the most breathtaking views 

Posted by Gil Travel on March 12, 2018

Most of Israel’s western border is the Mediterranean Sea. Throughout the centuries, some cities that were small ports grew into large and urban centers with rich culture. Nowadays, they are popular tourist destinations that offer many unique sites and lots of leisure activities. These port cities play an important role for the country’s economy. Apart from bordering with the Mediterranean Sea, the south of the country borders with the Red Sea. Eilat, the major southern port and the only Israeli city on the Red Sea, developed into a beautiful resort and one of the major tourist attractions. Other port cities like Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Caesarea, Akko, and Ashdod, buzz with tourists, and have various landmarks of historical and cultural significance.

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A tale of two tours: Escorted tour or personal guide?

Posted by Gil Travel on February 25, 2018

Some travelers are adventurous spirits who prefer exploring new areas alone. They love privacy and don’t like to share a new experience with foreigners who happen to be at the same place and time. On the other hand, there are those who don’t like planning or navigating on their own throughout new places, so they let others do all the planning and organization. They either choose an escorted tour or privately tailored tour, so they can enjoy sightseeing without any worries.

Joining an organized tour brings lots of benefits, including more knowledge about the visited site (a tour guide provides all information about it), no waiting in lines to buy tickets, seeing more in one day because a guide will drive you from one place to another, the zero chances of getting lost, not finding the site, etc. Some people do not have enough time to research and learn a lot about the places and landmarks.

If in doubt which one to choose for your next trip, here are the differences and the pros of escorted tours and privately planned tours so you can decide which one suits your needs better.

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Hitch a ride: your guide to Taxis in Israel

Posted by Gil Travel on February 19, 2018

Planning a trip to any country requires detailed preparation. One of the things one must take care of is transportation. When going to Israel, one can count on taxis, as they are a very popular way of transportation. Many people in Israel do not own a car, and taking a ride by bus doesn’t fit their schedule, so they turn to taxis. The taxis are all modern cars, safe, and with reasonable, not only for locals, but tourists as well. Some of the tourists find taxis in Israel quite cheap compared to the European or American ones.

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Top 7 Qualities of an Ideal Tour Guide

Posted by Gil Travel on February 15, 2018

One of the key factors for a high quality tour is having the right tour guide. A good tour guide must provide accurate information about the attractions, make sure the tourists see as much as possible and have a good time. A tour guide ensures his groups get informed and learn while they travel. He/she does everything it takes to deliver a quality tour.

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What to look out for when choosing an escorted tours company?

Posted by Gil Travel on January 10, 2018

Planning a trip can be overwhelming. It requires a lot of research and organization. To save time and avoid the stress that organizing brings, many people turn to tour companies who will do all the work for them.The company will tailor and make a detailed plan of a tour according to the client’s needs and wishes. Tourists can also join some of the already well planned and organized tours that provide an incredible touring experience at a more reasonable price.

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7 Best Hummus Places in Israel

Posted by Gil Travel on January 4, 2018

Maybe it’s difficult to understand the obsession locals have over hummus food, but once you try it, and after a couple of dishes, you will understand their craving. When on tours to Israel, be sure to check some of the best hummus places, try some dishes and who knows, maybe you too will become a hummus fan (if you aren’t already). This ultimate Israeli fast food made from chickpeas is full of iron, protein, minerals and vitamins. Even though it’s high in fat, most of it is unsaturated. This healthy fast food is definitely worth giving a try to get the most from your trip to Israel.

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Jewish life in Portugal throughout history and today

Posted by Gil Travel on December 31, 2017

Throughout history, the Jewish people have gone through successful and wealthy periods, but desperate times as well. Until 1496 there had been 150 Jewish communities in Portugal, each one having its own worship places and institutions. But that year brought an end to their communities, forceful conversion to Christianity and expulsion from Portugal. Many religious sites, walls, carvings and gates were destroyed, but Judaism in Portugal didn’t completely vanish; its traces remained in inscriptions, historic markers, place names and local tales.

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