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Seasonal travel tips

Posted by Gil Travel on December 3, 2018

One cannot say which season is the best one for traveling. Each one of them has its charms, no matter where you plan to go for your next vacation. Lots of countries around the world offer so much during summer or winter, some, such as Japan, are marvelous during spring and cherry blossom season. If you are thinking about a trip to Israel, but still have difficulties choosing the best time of the year, here is some information we hope you’ll find helpful. Israel is a beautiful country to visit and enjoy any time of the year.

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Kosher Moscow: Must-Visit Restaurants and Cafés

Posted by Gil Travel on November 22, 2018

Moscow is one of the most exciting places to include in your tour to Eastern Europe because it has so much to offer to its visitors. If you are looking for delicious kosher food, it has that waiting for you too. Moscow’s Jewish and non-Jewish people alike are searching for top-quality kosher food, and they enjoy eating at kosher eateries and having a tasty cup of coffee with a piece of cake, or a refreshing cocktail. Moscow’s kosher scene is growing fast, and there are restaurants, bars, and cafés opening every day, so here are some amazing places for you to eat and drink at with gusto.

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Best Museums in Vienna to Include in Your Tour to Europe

Posted by Gil Travel on November 15, 2018

As all travelers know, exploring Vienna’s museums during a tour to Eastern Europe is a must. But with so many top museums here, it’s impossible to visit them all. There are prehistoric creatures to see, and brilliant architecture, as well as amazing art. Many places, from the Leopold Museum to the House of Music, keep their doors open until late in the evening, so it’s more convenient for the visitors. Here are a few superb museums you ought to include in your itinerary.

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Best Art Tours of Tel Aviv

Posted by Iris Hami on November 8, 2018

No tour to Israel is complete without an art tour. Tel Aviv is a culture and arts center with a museum for everybody’s taste. If you’d rather not go to a traditional museum, we’ve got great news for you. You can take an alternative art tour, visiting unusual art spaces and galleries, artists’ studios, or streets filled with graffiti by incredibly talented street artists. If you’d like to learn some Hebrew through art, you can do that too! Wherever you turn in Tel Aviv, there is art welcoming you, so here are some fun art tours for you to enjoy.

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Theatres in Tel Aviv You Must Visit This Autumn

Posted by Iris Hami on November 1, 2018

When it comes to theatres, Tel Aviv is a truly rich place. When you go on one of the wonderful tours to Israel, make sure to include as many of these splendid places of art and creativity as you can. From the country’s national theatre to small, avant-garde theatres, there is a place for everyone, and everyone is welcomed. You can see original Israeli plays in some theatres, but also international classics, contemporary hits, and cabarets in others. Either way, you are in for a treat. Let’s check out some of Tel Aviv’s theatres you must visit this autumn.

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5 Places to Visit on a Day Trip from Prague

Posted by Gil Travel on October 25, 2018

Prague can be a fantastic starting point for some amazing adventures and sightseeing. After visiting many famous sites in this beautiful city, it is time to go wandering beyond Prague. Perhaps you want to walk through medieval streets, visit historic castles and old churches, or you wish to explore museums and beautiful sceneries – all this and much more awaits just a short drive away from the Czech capital. You can even go for a day trip to other wonderful European cities, such as Vienna or Dresden. Here are some wonderful sites very close to Prague you shouldn’t miss while on an escorted tour to Eastern Europe.

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8 Top-Rated Attractions Every Trip to Berlin Should Include

Posted by Gil Travel on October 19, 2018

Berlin is so many amazing things at once: the capital of Germany, its largest city, a major political, cultural, scientific, and shopping hub, and one of the most memorable stops on escorted tours to Eastern Europe. It’s home to hundreds of galleries and museums, to the Berlin Opera and Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, to superb architecture, dream-like parks, larger-than-life monuments, vibrant nightlife, etc. Choosing sites to visit during the short stay is difficult, so we offer a list of eight attractions every trip to Berlin should include.

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Where to Relax in Budapest

Posted by Gil Travel on October 4, 2018

Nowadays, more people than ever are seeking quiet places, away from the bustling streets of the cities, where they can slow down, relax, and just enjoy their surroundings, their meal and drinks, and the company of their family and friends. These types of places are very popular in Budapest, with both locals and tourists, whether they are in groups or are looking for a place to escape from everybody and unwind by themselves. If you are searching for such a place too, here are a few you must visit while on one of many wonderful Eastern European tours.

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Tastes and Aromas of Dubrovnik: The Best of Food and Wine

Posted by Gil Travel on September 27, 2018

Dubrovnik is a city of long history, fascinating culture, and great popularity, which joined the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites in 1979. It’s also a food and wine heaven! Let’s see what wonderful tastes you can enjoy in Dubrovnik on your tour to Eastern Europe.

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Visiting the Most Important Holy Sites of Israel

Posted by Gil Travel on September 20, 2018

Israel is, among other things, a land of heritage, antiquities, long and complex history, and a land of religions. This country has a special significance for major Abrahamic religions, but also to those who consider themselves their successors, such as the Baha’i faith. While it’s very difficult to choose just a few holy sites as the most important, there are some that are always included in the best tours to Israel from the USA , and deservingly so.

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