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7 Reasons Why the Olympics Really are Great

Posted by Gil Travel on Jul 23, 2008 1:32:46 AM

The Olympic Games are an international delight, with winnng moments of victory and competition galore. The Olympics are a great way for nations to showcase their skills in sports and athletics. Participants train for years to become the best in the world and show their skills. But whoever says the Olympics are underrated doesn't see the big picture!
1. Friendly Competition
Everybody loves when an organized sport pits two competitors against each other. Best in the world? The Olympics settle that debate and create classic rivalries as well that can last for decades. Cheer on your favorite athlete or team, even if, by some chance it's not your own!
2. International Goodwill
The Olympic Games are an opportunity to highlight many countries, and even the country that has to apply as a host for the Olympics and provide everything it takes to have visitors from every corner of the globe. It is really a great way to see that 'it's a small world after all' when people come together and see that we all have more in common than some may think.
3. Education
Geography, Math, Physics, Science, Foreign Languages: the list goes on. The Olympics can teach us all a thing or two about a little bit of everything there is to know out there. How about lengths, weights, scoring systems, or even the science of the luge! Enrichment in these ways is a great benefit to young and old.
4. Economy
Countries that host the Olympics see a great influx of gains, provided that they handle the complicated task of hosting. This is where the strength of the volunteer really shines through, and the merchandise alone is profitable as well. The buildings for competition are then utilized after the Games are over to continue the profit.
5. Positive Role Models
Kids around the world really look up to these 'true heros', especially when they hear of the trials and tribulations they endure just to get to the Olympics, let alone the struggle for the gold. These athletes are held to a high standard, both physically and morally as they compete for that ultimate prize. Positive yes, just as long as they don't test positive.
6. Pride
We can all take pride in our work, our country, our strengths, our courage; there's just so many things to be proud of. The Olympic Games creates a sense of pride in all we can do and all we can overcome. This pride is great for us to have, because it keeps us going in the right direction, the direction where we all succeed.
7. Unity and Understanding
If we can bring people from around the world in a fair, balanced, competitive way, there must be hope that we can come together to understand how other cultures think and feel. The Olympics themselves become a mini 'summit' where countries from around the world can learn from each other and ourselves.

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