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Michael Solomonov Culinary Tour of Israel

Posted by Gil Travel on Sep 26, 2013 2:45:48 PM

Famous Philadelphia Chef Michael Solomonov to lead Culinary Tour throughout Israel

Philadelphia Chef Michael Solomonov

The internet foodies have been blowing up about Zahav Chef Michael Solomonov’s upcoming trip to Israel. The trip took almost no time to sell out and now thirty-one lucky individuals are about to have the tasting tour experience of their lives.

Google search “Michael Solomonov Israel trip” and get a full page of already published articles about the trip. So what’s the difference between them and me? I have the itinerary (!) and the full list of chefs going (!!).

I can tell you straight off that there are a lot of things I would absolutely do to be able to get on that bus. The experience will be so incredible that even just writing about it makes me feel somewhat satiated.Machane Yehuda

Michael Solomonov is a master of the cuisine from this part of the world.  The people on his bus will be exploring a dynamic country through the common language of taste with a maestro at the helm. How lucky can you get?

One bus, eight chefs, twenty-two people, and a writer are about to have the tastiest ten days of their lives courtesy of famous Philadelphia Chef Michael Solomonov and Gil Travel.

I’ve been blessed to have visited many of the places on this very itinerary.  I’ve gotten lost walking through Jaffa Gate to get to the Western Wall, been nearly trampled on a Friday mid-afternoon Machne Yehuda market. I’ve climbed Masada and floated in the Dead Sea. I’ve been to Caesarea, lived in a communal house in Safed, and hiked through a Druze Villiage. But I have never done these things while being as gloriously well fed as this bus-full will be.

Everyone around the world eats, but there is almost nothing common about food from opposite parts of the world other than the fact that you eat it. It tastes different and smells different, is made of different things—some of which we wouldn’t consider food; and is prepared in different ways.  One culture will prepare their food by burying it, another will use fire, and yet another use salt and put the food item in a cave.

Machane Yehuda

There is no better way to get a taste for another culture than to get a firsthand explanation of its food.


While Gil Travel can’t promise tours for foodies led exclusively and always by Michael Solomonov, we can plan you a food-centric tour of anywhere you want to go in the world. Contact our Travel Experts now!


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