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Low-Stress Travel Tips to Keep in Mind for this Thanksgiving

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on Nov 11, 2016 3:58:35 PM


November is upon us, which means an exciting holiday season has rolled around again! Arguably the most important part of Thanksgiving, aside from shoveling the mashed potato piles onto our plates and drowning our turkey in hearty gravy, is spending the holiday with our families. But in order to do savor this precious time, most of us are forced to suffer through some excruciating times before we reach our destination.

We all have to get there somehow. 


“The holiday season” and “traveling” are almost synonymous at this point, and before the moments of relaxation – watching football with our parents and exchanging stories with our siblings—we sometimes need to face the grueling pain of traveling to reach the dinner table, usually from somewhere distant.

Airports are frantic, traffic is cripplingly slow, and trains are overcrowded. How do we endure the maddening congestion? Gil Travel has some tips for you to stay sane this holiday season.

Don’t fly before the holiday. Fly ON the holiday!


According to the New York Times, passengers saved 11% on flights in 2015 when they flew the day of Thanksgiving, versus flying on Thanksgiving Eve. Additionally, they saved 14% when they flew ON Christmas Day, as opposed to the day before Christmas Eve. If you can sacrifice attending the high school reunion or seeing your childhood friends, this option can be the most cost-effective.


If your time is precious, pack light!


If you’re the type of traveler who wants to make a B-line from the airport and straight to your destination, make sure you don’t check your bags. With traveling comes a lot of time spent waiting. You don’t want to be lingering around the luggage carousel, anxiously tapping your feet and trying to decipher which black roll-away suitcase is yours. Instead, throw a couple of items into a backpack, and be on your merry way after your landing!


Pre-plan your airport transfers


When traveling home to see relatives, and if they’re not too busy defrosting the turkey, have one of them pick you up from the airport. You’ll save money by not having to take a taxi, Uber, or Lyft. Even if you do have to take an Uber and Lyft, now you can even schedule pick up times on these apps. What a great way to save time and make sure you reach your destination a little bit earlier! Thinking ahead and planning ahead are essential to maximizing time-efficiency.


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