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Lima, Peru: Ancient Roots, Modern Attractions!

Posted by Gil Travel on May 19, 2008 1:26:43 PM

One of Gil Travel's popular destinations includes Lima, Peru, where history meets up with modern local flavor. If there were anywhere in the world where the history of ancient civilizations met up with western colonial advancement, it would be Lima, Peru. Step back in time and enjoy Lima, once known as Ciudad de los Reyes- "City of the Kings"


The ancient Incans once inhabited this region, until Pizarro conquered this land in the 1500's. In the next few hundred years, many advancements in culture and religion were seen in the founding of universities as well as an official archdiocese of the Catholic Church. Lima has been through so many changes and improvements over the centuries, all of which are still apparent today.


Currently, Lima is a thriving populous urban area, with strong links to the past, but also has many modern hotels, attractions, and mass transit systems, this world capital is unlike any other. When you visit Lima, there is no shortage of museums to enjoy links to the past and you will be surrounded by history in a city of a unique and amazing diverse culture.

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