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Kosher wine finally comes of age after centuries of misunderstanding.

Posted by Iris Hami on Mar 28, 2013 11:51:48 AM

200804-a-kosher-winesKOSHER Wine … Definition and Explanation

I started to research exactly what “Kosher” wine was and came up with enough information to write a book with, not simply a blog. I had to chuckle to myself occasionally as it was written that Kosher wine is “specially made for the Jews” or “produced according to the laws of Judaism” which is equally as vague. What does that really mean? It turns out that the laws of Judaism include not only correct preparation but the entire process must be supervised by a Sabbath-observant Jew. Kosher wine, for example needs to be made from grapes that were harvested, fermented, produced, manufactured and distributed by one such as this. Kosher wine cannot contain dairy products like casein (milk protein) or ingredients from non-kosher animals like gelatin or isinglass (from fish). The reality I found is that there is no major difference between good wine and good kosher wine. In the case of “not-so-good” the result is the same. Kosher wine is in league of its own since the art of kosher wine-making is unique and painstaking in my opinion; many kosher wines are superior to others in many ways.

We already are aware that wine has been around since before biblical times and Kosher wine is an important part of Jewish culture and life. It is the “rule” that while kosher wine is consumed during almost all Jewish holidays it is the Passover Seder which requires everyone present to drink at least 4 glasses and there is special Kosher for Passover wine made from Concord Grapes for that. It is rather sweet and kosher wine in general should not be compared with Kosher for Passover bottles. I found it interesting that if kosher wine is not available, Jews can just have challah, special braided bread eaten during Jewish holidays and celebrations. I am so glad today that wine is readily available.

In recent times the quality of kosher wine has risen substantially. The reason for this is that many wine making companies in Israel and the United States have collaborated to offer great wines using the kosher law. This, along with the fact that all materials used in the kosher wine making process must adhere to strict guidelines and that every part of this process is meticulously monitored by Orthodox Jewish Scholars. Kosher wine in the Twenty-first Century is very special indeed!

One can now find outstanding kosher wine in red, white, rose and even Champagne. Kosher wine is very special wine and is available to everyone!

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