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Kosher Hotels in Eastern Europe

Posted by Gil Travel on Jun 6, 2019 3:04:00 PM

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Eastern Europe has been a home of Jewish communities for centuries. From the Czech Republic and Hungary, over Austria and Germany, to the vast land of Russia, the Jewish people have been living there, creating their homes, and preserving their tradition and culture. Various persecutions followed by World War II have decimated the Jewish community in Eastern European cities. However, we are witnessing a revival of Jewish communities in this region, and with them, the revival of Jewish culture. Kosher restaurants in particular seem to become increasingly popular. And while it’s easy to find a multitude of kosher eateries and Jewish observant-friendly eateries in this part of the world, it is unfortunately still somewhat difficult to find kosher hotels. Let’s check out some of the best ones you can stay at while on your trip to Eastern Europe.

King David Hotel, Prague

If you’re in a search for a kosher hotel while you’re in this lovely city, then this five-star boutique might be the place for you. King David Hotel is a certified kosher hotel under the supervision of Rabbi Eliyahu Rotenberg from Jerusalem and the Rabbinat kashrut department of Prague’s Jewish community. Your comfort is guaranteed in this recently fully refurbished hotel, in one of its four room types with eye-catching designs. All guests are welcomed to enjoy the delicious kosher breakfast buffet. The hotel is located near the train station in Prague city center and you will easily reach all the attractions you’d like to visit, such as the Old Town with the Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock, the Prague Castle, the St. Nicholas Cathedral, the Jewish Museum, the Josefov Jewish quarter, the Old New Synagogue, Franz Kafka's Birthplace, and many other wonders.

Malone, St Petersburg

In the center of this amazing old city, situated in a modern, new building, you will find Malone – a Jewish guesthouse run by Chabad. As a matter of fact, it is located in the complex of the Grand Choral Synagogue, Europe’s biggest synagogue and the world’s second largest, which is a center of St Petersburg Jewish life. The rooms are cozy and comfortable, and outside you’ll find a kosher restaurant, a kosher store, and Jewish activity centers.

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There is a round-the-clock security here for some extra safety – but worry not, St Petersburg is a safe city – and the staff will gladly help you with anything you might need or with any questions you might have. Being in the center, all major attractions are nearby, such as the State Hermitage Museum, the Peterhof Palace, the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, the Winter Palace, the Palace Square, the Yusupov Palace, and Yesod Centre in the House of St. Petersburg Jewish Community.

Hotel Stefanie, Vienna

In the very heart of Vienna, in the 2nd district, you’ll find Hotel Stefanie where you’ll be welcomed in one of over a hundred recently renovated, beautiful, and elegant rooms in Vienna’s oldest hotel. As a matter of fact, Hotel Stefanie was first mentioned in a document all the way back in 1600. You can also see a personal exhibit of antiques, paintings, and sculptures in the hotel, collected over the years by the Schick family who have been running this and other Schick hotels for four generations now. Vienna has an excellent public transportations system, and from the hotel, you can be at any major attraction in the blink of an eye. See Vienna's Jewish Museum, the Judenplatz Holocaust Memorial on the Judenplatz Square, Museum Judenplatz, the Stadttempel Synagogue, the Leopold Museum, Kunsthistorisches MuseumNaturhistorisches Museum, and much, much more.

Polin, Kraków

This lovely hotel in Poland’s Kraków was even written about in the media when it was opened by the descendants of survivors seventy-five years after the Nazis deported the city’s Jews to concentration camps. Polin is Kraków’s first post-Holocaust kosher hotel with an in-house synagogue, elevators programmed for use on Shabbat, and high-quality traditional Jewish dishes. The milk and the meat kitchens are separated and supervised by the mashgiach. Kraków guarantees relaxation and fun at its many wonderful attractions, such as the Wawel Castle, the Main Square of the Old Town, the National Museum, the Kraków Barbican, St Mary’s Basilica, the Old Synagogue, the Wolf Popper Synagogue, the Ghetto Heroes Square, and a lot more.

Continental Hotel, Budapest

This is a non-kosher, but Jewish observant-friendly hotel in the very center of Budapest, near the lively Jewish Quarter. It takes pride in its elegant and unique combination of Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and Modern designs. After taking a rest in one of the maximum-comfort rooms, have a delicious meal at the hotel restaurant, and relax at the hotel spa. Then it’s time to explore the city. Take a walk and see the Jewish Quarter, the Jewish Museum, the Dohány Street Synagogue, the Kazinczy Street Synagogue, the Rumbach Street Synagogue, Keren-Or Chabad Israeli Centre, the Buda Castle, the Szent István Park, the Rózsák Square and the Church of St. Elizabeth of the House of Árpád, the Hungarian National Museum, and the city’s many thermal baths.
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