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Jewish Heritage Eastern Europe Tour

Posted by Gil Travel on Oct 31, 2013 12:20:58 PM

Gil Travel offers an incredible guaranteed Jewish Heritage tour through Warsaw, Krakow, Budapest and Prague to the most meaningful Jewish Heritage sites in Eastern Europe.

Gate in Poland , Eastern Europe

Begin your Jewish Heritage Eastern Europe Tour in Warsaw with a special visit to the Old Cemetery dating back to 1806, one of the largest in Poland. Also in Warsaw, your tour will take you on a walk along Memory Lane; see the Warsaw Ghetto Heroes monument, a dramatic sculpture by Natan Rappaport, and the marble plaque commemorating Mila 18.

Gil Travel’s Jewish Heritage tour through Eastern Europe will take you to visit to the ancient Remuh Synagogue in Krakow, where Jews still worship today, and the nearby Old Cemetery; then stop at the 14th century Alt Synagogue, recently restored, which houses the Museum of Jewish History and Culture. In Krakow, the capital of Poland, you will also visit the Auschwitz and Birkenau concentration camps.

Poland, Eastern EuropeIn Budapest and Prague your Eastern Europe Jewish Heritage Tour will take you on walking tours through cemeteries and synagogues dating to the 13th century. You will stop at the unique "Weeping Willow" Holocaust Memorial in Budapest, dedicated to the 500,000 Jews who perished during the Nazi reign of terror. In Prague you will enjoy a guided Jewish interest walking tour features a visit to the Jewish Museum complex, home of the Precious Legacy, including the 13th century Alt-Neu Synagogue and the Pinkas, Klaus and Maisel synagogues. Then, walk to the Jewish Cemetery, which dates back to the 15th century. Continue to the 16th century Jewish Town Hall with its distinctive tower and clock with Hebrew letters

This is an incredible journey designed to offer you entrance to the most meaningful Jewish Heritage of sites in the Eastern Europe.

Below are some testimonials from previous clients who have experienced Gil Travel’s Eastern Europe Jewish Heritage tour!

[note note_color="#d0e7f1"]"Having been home for over one month with all the lovely pictures at hand, I am able to reflect upon the Jewish Heritage Eastern European tour my husband and I recently took, this past August 2013. I wish to personally thank Fred Bomze for all the care he took in making our trip as rewarding as we had hoped. Upon being given our folder, it was Fred who noticed a major glitch. He proceeded to correct our flight miscommunication, rearrange transfers and have money refunded to us. He made suggestions, knowing that we wanted to extend our trip to include Berlin. His expertise and care were exemplary. I will without a doubt recommend the services of Fred Bomze from Gil Travel. And to Gil Travel, thank you for offering a most heartwarming, reflective tour of Eastern Europe. The hotels, as well as the Polish and Czech guides were extremely friendly and informative."

Jill, Jewish Heritage Eastern European tour, October 2013[/note]

[note note_color="#c6b9e4"]"David and I just returned home from our trip and I just wanted to thank you for all the advice and wonderful plans. We loved Italy and the entire experience! You helped make everything go seamlessly, the guides were wonderful and first-class and we loved all the accommodations. In fact, at the St. Regis in Florence, they did not have the room we had requested available the first night, so they switched us after the first night to the Royal Suite which was spectacular!

The one tour I would just let you know in the future is not worth having people sign up for, was the Jewish Ghetto and Museum Tour in Venice that lasted 3 hours. The guide was excellent (it was the same guide we had that morning for the Venice Walking Tour), but he really had no role other than walking us to the neighborhood of the Jewish ghetto (which we could have done on our own for the map). Tour guides are not allowed to take you around the Venice Ghetto - just the Jewish museum guide, so there was no reason to pay for a guide. We did not visit the bakery as listed and the guide was not allowed to take us to any of the sites.

We can't wait to go back to Italy, and by the way, we were thrilled that you suggested we stop in Padua and Verona on the way down to Florence - that was one of our favorite days!! I will certainly suggest that friends of ours visiting Italy come talk to you!

Hope you are having a great summer!"

Jodi Miller, Jewish Heritage Eastern Europe Tour, July 2013[/note]

[note note_color="#d2ebc7"]"Overall, the trip was pretty well organized and covered many of the sites and activities in which we were most interested. It was our good fortune that our group consisted of only ten people and we all got along very well. Julia, our guide in Budapest, was terrific. She was charming, articulate and knowledgeable, and clearly enjoyed her job and working with visitors. Hearing the poignant story of her father’s lucky escape from the Nazis and of life under Communism made those ordeals come to life and gave us all a real appreciation for our own comfortable lives in the U.S.. Ilona, our guide in Prague, was also very knowledgeable and had good command of English. She also arranged for our guide on the optional trip to Terezin to be a woman who had been imprisoned there for four years during the war, an incredible and heart-wrenching story. The itinerary in both Budapest and Prague and the lovely group dinners in each location were first rate.

We certainly enjoyed our trip and are glad that we took the tour."

Charles, Jewish Heritage Eastern Europe Tour, May 2012[/note]

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