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Jewish Amsterdam: More Than Meets the Eye

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on Sep 6, 2016 4:25:41 PM

Jewish Amsterdam is about far more than Anne Frank. In fact, Amsterdam is arguably the first place on earth where Jews became modern!

Few places can claim so many significant Jewish figures and events. In the 17th century, Amsterdam was perhaps the most “modern” city in the world, in the sense that it was tolerant of a diversity of opinions, even radical ones.

Jews whose families had been expelled from Spain and Portugal made themselves at home in their new environment, many of them feeling as much Dutch as Jewish, (at least nearly so). These were sophisticated, cosmopolitan Jews—the beauty of whose legacy remains with us today. Jewish influence has birthed plenty of synagogues and Jewish cemeteries that are presently lodged in Amsterdam.

To get the best possible feel for Judaic history in Amsterdam, our esteemed scholar, David Kraemer will provide you with extraordinary insight and a trustworthy commentary on the sites you will explore.

What better way to understand what it means to be a modern Jew than by studying the first modern Jews, on the very soil where they lived! Come with Jewish Explorations and Gil Travel to explore this historical wonderland.

You will be amazed what you see! Join us on this unique cultural journey.

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