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New Israeli Opera brings Arts to Masada

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on Feb 11, 2015 10:06:36 AM

masada aerial opera preparationThe incredible site of Masada in Israel’s Negev desert is a must-see on essentially every tour around the country. This historical gem is an iconic site of Jewish resilience, strength, and emotional integrity in the face of ongoing hardship. Today visitors from around the world pay tribute to the ancient people of Masada who took their own lives instead of submitting to the impending slavery the would have faced had they surrendered to foreign armies. A highlight of many tours to Israel is ascending Masada in time to view the breathtaking sunrise over the expansive Negev below.

Nabukoיוסי צבקר-צלם (215)The relevance of Masada to Israeli culture and history continues to break new ground, though, as the New Israeli Opera brings iconic performances to the area with Masada itself as their incredible backdrop. New Israeli Opera is a local company that focuses on off-site productions as a key part of Israel’s international art tourism efforts. Every summer the company puts together an opera festival that mirrors festivals in more culturally established countries, emphasizing the natural beauty of the land of Israel. This year’s festival, held in late June, focuses on themes of love with the highlight performances of “L’elisir d’amore” written by 19th century Italian composer Gaetano Donizetti.

In honor of Israel’s thriving cultural contributions, Gil Travel is offering an exclusive travel package that combines this year’s Opera Festival with other local hidden gems that are not to be missed by arts lovers of all ages.

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