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Israel Souvenir Guide

Posted by Iris Hami on May 29, 2014, 11:38:27 AM

A Souvenir Guide for Travelers in Israel



Souvenirs are a great way to remember your trip to Israel, especially if you don’t know the next time you’ll be able to return. You’ll probably find souvenirs readily at well-known locations – like Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, but if you go off the beaten path, you just might find a souvenir with a fascinating story to share with everyone.

Some Places to Find Souvenirs

  • Jerusalem’s Old City
  • Jaffa
  • Tel Aviv’s HaCamel Market
  • Hatachana Market in Tel Aviv
  • The Israel Museum
  • The Old City Souk in Jerusalem
  • Machane Yehuda in Jerusalem
  • Nahalat Binyamin Arts and Crafts Market

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Popular Souvenir Options

  1. Olive Oil


    , via flickr


  2. Religious jewelry


    jaffa hamsa souvenir israel tel aviv Whether you’re looking for the Jerusalem cross or the hamsa – the Jewish symbol for “hand” or an ornate rosary, you’ll often find a wide variety of religious jewelry to take home with you in the markets or any other specialized vendors throughout Israel.


  3. Armenian pottery



  4. Pilgrims’ maps



  5. Dead Sea cosmetics from Ahava



  6. Books and museum-related items



  7. Artwork and craft items 


    old city market craft bead necklaces israel souvenir The outdoor markets around Israel are great places to discover unique pieces of art and handcrafted items, and to get to know the artists who created them, if you want to be able to tell the story behind your souvenir’s creation.


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