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Israel's Amazing Ecological Advances

Posted by Gil Travel on Apr 3, 2008 4:10:17 PM

There is a place in Israel that is a place of healing, regrowth, and learning. The KKL-JNF has strived to make a difference in the Jewish homeland, and that impact is seen as a glorious success. The learning came from the fact that it's not always best to change the way nature operates, because 50 years ago, it was thought that the swampy areas of Lake Hula should be drained. Only by reflooding the area and allowing nature to take its course has the Hula Valley seen the return of wildlife and plant growth.
And the benefits not only include a growth of tourism and sightseeing, but the project has seen hundreds of thousands of migrating birds to rest here. As the Hula Valley Restoration project continues, so does the research on just how important it is to assist nature to develop these areas. The KKL-JNF also strives to restore the embattled area of the Ramat Naftali Mountain Range, destroyed by bombings two years ago. This tragic event allowed developers to replant a variety of trees to allow for what they call a 'diverse forest'.
Through this long term effort, Israel ended the twentieth century with more trees than it started with, a feat only achieved by a handful of countries. So not only birds, trees, but also water is sustained through the KKL-JNF. Water has always been a resource to be cherished in this dry land, so now more than ever, conservationists are working to use it wisely. What they have learned, is that all of nature must be thought of in harmony, in order to preserve it, and for citizens to benefit from it. This nature preserve is a great way to see the beauty of Israel, and the gorgeous life it holds.

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