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Milestone Of Independence: Israel Rocks On For 60 Years!

Posted by Gil Travel on Apr 14, 2008, 3:11:10 PM

This May will see the 60 year celebration of Israel's independence. For six decades, Israel has made great strides in creating a country that easily rivals many others that have been around for much longer. The economy is bolstered by many international agreements, which in turn lends itself to many exports and companies coming to Israel to do business. This, in turn, has led to a huge rise in tourism, which Israel is famous for.

But Israel has also ranks high in science, education, and takes much pride in a strong military too. Israel enjoys all the high-tech advancements as any other country. In fact Israel has poineered many technologies that we just might take for granted! Here is a short video we like to call: CFAI: Cool Facts About Israel!

Israel can easily boast as to it's strong economic entity, but also includes many governmental and social advances as well. The country enjoys being a stable international player in industrial and agricultural sectors. It also ranks highly with excellent arts, museums, and cultural centers for many who would come to this truly "Holy Land"! So Happy 60th Israel, and we hope to see what the next 60 years will bring!

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